Your Options to Respond to a Divorce Petition

Your Options to Respond to a Divorce Petition

You have four main options to respond to a divorce petition and summons that are served upon you. Finding out that your spouse wants a divorce without any warning can be difficult enough to process, but not knowing what to do can be stressful. To avoid undue stress, learn more about your legal options when you are served with a divorce and the consequences or benefits each option comes with. When you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to an Oklahoma Family Attorney for assistance. 

Four Ways to Respond to a Divorce Petition

Your Options to Respond to a Divorce PetitionThe four ways to respond to a divorce petition and summons include taking no action, taking no action because you already have a written agreement with your spouse, filing your response with the family court with your proposed agreement, or filing a response where you list out your disagreements. Each of these options comes with different costs and benefits. Choosing amongst the first three options means your divorce will be uncontested but choosing the last option will qualify your divorce as contested. 

Uncontested divorces are fast, simple, and require less effort on your part because there are no disagreements to sort out. An uncontested divorce means you agree with your spouse on all of the legal wishes they made in their divorce petition and summons. A petition is a document that lists out your partner’s legal wishes, whereas a summons is a document that lists your rights along with information on legal steps for a divorce.

A contested divorce means you and your spouse disagree on what each of you wants as the outcome of the divorce. This could mean disagreeing on child custody, division of property, child support, alimony, and the grounds for divorce. In this case, the family court, a mediator, or a lawyer can help you and your spouse reach a legal agreement to have the divorce finalized. No agreements through a lawyer or mediator could mean your divorce has to go to trial. 

Steps Necessary in a Contested Divorce

Being aware of all your options when you receive a divorce petition means knowing what additional steps you would need to take if you choose the contested divorce option. You might be able to avoid a contested divorce by seeking services from a professional mediator. However, if a mediator cannot help you resolve differences, you must prepare for a divorce trial.

The divorce trial process starts with a hearing where a judge will determine what issues will be accounted for and what evidence is allowed. Most people hire a lawyer for these types of cases due to the complexities involved. If your spouse hires a lawyer, you could face serious risks and challenges without legal help. In the end, the decision is yours. 

Family Lawyer in Oklahoma

Deciding whether to hire a lawyer is difficult. Consider asking an OklahoYour Options to Respond to a Divorce Petitionma Divorce Lawyer for guidance on whether you could benefit from legal help or not. Call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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