Workplace Injuries in Oklahoma: Know Your Rights and Legal Options

Workplace Injuries in Oklahoma: Know Your Rights and Legal Options

Recently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were just under three million non-fatal injuries and illnesses in the private sector with well over five thousand fatal work-related injuries across all sectors. Getting hurt at work is never expected but it happens quite often.

If you were injured at work in Oklahoma, knowing your rights and legal options for recovering compensation is essential. The Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys at the Putnam Law Office can advise you on what you can do to get the compensation you need after your workplace accident.

Legal Options After an Oklahoma Workplace Injury Accident

Workplace Injuries in Oklahoma Know Your Rights and Legal OptionsIn Oklahoma, the majority of employers in various industries must have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This allows you to file a worker’s compensation claim if you were hurt on the job.

Right after a workplace accident in Oklahoma, you have rights and responsibilities. The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission outlines these:

  • The Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Counselor program offers legal information for free to injured workers who have questions about obtaining workers’ compensation.
  • You are entitled to and must seek reasonable and necessary medical treatment to file for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits should cover your medical bills.
  • You have 30 days from the time your workplace accident took place to notify your employer that you were hurt while engaged in the duties of your job.
  • When a doctor examines you and determines a treatment plan that will help you recover, you must follow it including abiding by any work restrictions that they recommend.

The coverage you can obtain through a workers’ compensation claim can include:

  • Temporary disability coverage, partial disability, permanent total disability
  • Medical benefits and continuing medical maintenance
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits

It is your employer’s duty to offer you a physician who can provide reasonable and necessary treatment. They have five days to do this after you have your injury accident. If they do not provide you with a physician, though, you can choose your own that they will pay for. In addition, it can be possible to make a one-time change in your treating physician.

Although a workers’ compensation claim will bar you from suing your employer for your injuries and other related damages, if your accident was caused by your employer’s intentional egregious negligence then a lawsuit could be possible. If a third party caused your accident, this too could allow you to not only file a workers’ compensation claim but also file a personal injury suit against that third party for your damages.

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After a workplace accident in Oklahoma employees have rights and responsibilities. It is possible to file a workers’ compensation claim for financial assistance with medical treatment and a portion of wages while recovering from the injury accident. Depending on the details of how the accident took place, a personal injury suit may also be applicable for recovering financial compensation for damages.

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