Why Was a Guardian ad Litem Appointed for My Divorce?

Why Was a Guardian ad Litem Appointed for My Divorce?

Married couples who decide to obtain a divorce and have children may be assigned a guardian ad litem at one point by the court. This usually happens when both partners disagree on legal decisions regarding the children, like visitation rights and child custody. In some cases, you may feel like the guardian ad litem made an incorrect decision regarding your case. An Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer may be able to help you correct this decision.

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

Guardian ad litem is the term for an evaluator who investigates factors related to your child’s best interests. Evaluators are trained to look for things like child abuse, domestic problems, and other aspects that affect who may end up caring for the children. They are invited to your case by the court when there are disagreements concerning adoption, child support, child custody, or visitation rights.

Evaluators are not free and may cost each parent a certain amount of money. Their job is to offer decisions that place the children in the best situation possible, not what the children would prefer. This can create conflicts amongst family members, especially if a wrong decision is made. The children or parents may not be comfortable with the decision. If this you, there may be another option.

Can I Disagree with a Guardian ad Litem?

After a certain period of time, your evaluator will send you a GAL report. This report will tell you their recommendations for what should be done with your children in terms of visitation, custody, and child support. These recommendations will be presented to the court and can affect the outcome of your case.

Why Was a Guardian ad Litem Appointed for My Divorce?If you disagree with any of the given recommendations, you can always file a motion or complaint to the court. However, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer before you submit your complaint because there are no self-help forms available for formatting. The more on par your complaint is with court standards, the greater your chances of having your complaint accepted.

Be sure to have this motion filed before your case ends because no motions will be accepted afterward. This complicates the divorce process. Explain to your lawyer what you disagree with in the GAL report and be prepared to offer reasons for why certain aspects of the report are wrong. Your lawyer will guide you and may help you collect evidence to defend your position in court.

Oklahoma City Family Lawyer

Not everyone can reach an agreement by themselves, especially when it comes to serious decisions like deciding who will raise the children. An evaluator suggesting decisions for you can be frustrating if those decisions seem wrong or lack adequate reasons. Consider hiring an Oklahoma City Family Attorney if this has happened to you. Call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for consultation. We will work with you to investigate your divorce case and defend your rights as a parent. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who puts clients first.

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