Why is a Parenting Coordinator Being Considered for My Divorce?

Why is a Parenting Coordinator Being Considered for My Divorce?

Going through a divorce in Oklahoma is challenging enough but worrying about a parenting coordinator only adds to the stress. Not everyone realizes why parenting coordinators are appointed to a divorce case. Ultimately, the judge will decide whether your case needs this or not. There are various factors that go into that decision that you might be able to avoid. If you have questions, consider asking an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer for answers.

When Are Parenting Coordinators Assigned?

A parenting coordinator is someone who specializes in resolving conflicts between spouses related to parenting and divorce outcomes. This person must be a non-biased third party and can be assigned in cases of divorce and legal separation alike. However, parenting coordinators are not always assigned in every divorce case.

The family law judge will decide whether your divorce case requires a parenting coordinator or not. One of the main deciding factors is whether you and your spouse disagree on major divorce outcomes like child custody or visitation. When this happens, the judge may request that your case involve a parenting coordinator.

You can object to this, but the judge might be able to override your objection when your situation involves a high conflict case. A high conflict case is legally defined as a divorce that involves minors and any of the following:

  • Severe distrust
  • Repeated anger
  • Physical aggression
    Why is a Parenting Coordinator Being Considered for My Divorce?
  • Threats
  • Major communication problems
  • Litigation

In some cases, the judge may still appoint a parenting coordinator for your case despite your case not meeting these criteria. A judge can do this when this decision serves the best interest of the child. This standard means a child’s safety must be prioritized above all else. Nearly anything in the way of a child’s safety can be overruled.

What Will the Parenting Coordinator Do?

You might be concerned when a parenting coordinator is assigned to your divorce case. Not knowing what to expect plays some role in this apprehension. Being aware of parenting coordinator tasks might help alleviate this.

The goal for a parenting coordinator is to evaluate family issues and determine decisions that are in the best interest of the child. This means attempting to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on things like custody or visitation before the divorce trial. Your parenting coordinator will file a report with the judge suggesting what should be done for the child.

If you disagree with the report, you can file an objection. Consider contacting an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer to see what steps this requires. A lawyer might be able to help you overrule the parenting coordinator or increase your chances of the outcomes you want.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma City

Finding out your case was assigned a parenting coordinator can be stressful. Feel free to talk to an Oklahoma family lawyer about what your options are. You can call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation about your divorce case. We are prepared to help you defend your legal rights. Mr. Putnam is an experienced attorney in Oklahoma City, OK who can help you fight for the divorce outcomes you want.

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