Why Habitual Drunkenness Often Ends in Oklahoma Divorces

Why Habitual Drunkenness Often Ends in Oklahoma Divorces

Hundreds of marriages end each year because of heavy alcohol use by one or both spouses. One of the Oklahoma grounds for divorce is habitual drunkenness, otherwise known as heavy consumption of alcohol and alcohol abuse. If your marriage has been rough because of alcohol use by your spouse and you are seeking grounds for an Oklahoma divorce, then you may be able to file for divorce due to habitual drunkenness. Consider talking to an Oklahoma Family Attorney for guidance.

What is Oklahoma Habitual Drunkenness?

Oklahoma habitual drunkenness is one of several grounds for divorce you can use to start your divorce process. As you may already know, you need to have a legal reason for the divorce in order to officially start the divorce process. These legal reasons are listed under the Oklahoma grounds for divorce. If you do not have a legal reason, then you can usually file for divorce due to incompatibility issues.

Habitual drunkenness means one or both spouses are abusing alcohol in a way that is destructive to their marriage and children. This could mean drinking alcohol in excess every day, to the point that the other spouse or children are being harmed. Drinking can lead to all sorts of marital complications like abuse, violence, temper outbursts, and neglect.

Not only can alcohol abuse like this serve as a legal reason for the divorce, but heavy alcohol use can also be used to determine visitation hours with the children and Oklahoma child custody orders.

How Does Habitual Drunkenness Impact Oklahoma Marriages?

If you have been dealing with the effects of habitual drunkenness for years, then you may already know how this impacts marriages. The main effects of alcohol on Oklahoma Why Habitual Drunkenness Often Ends in Oklahoma Divorcesmarriages are significantly lower marital satisfaction, increased domestic violence, higher chances of divorce, and less positive interactions in the immediate family.

Heavy alcohol use does not cause aggression in everyone, but when it does, spouses are usually faced with acts of violence, domestic abuse, and temper outbursts that can lead to injuries. Children are at risk of harm too in these situations, not only for physical abuse but for sexual abuse. So many sexual abuse cases involving children also involved alcohol intoxication.

Spouses diagnosed with alcohol use disorder often struggle with strong cravings, withdrawal, and multiple relapses. Treatment for this disorder may put some families into debt. However, when both spouses drink or have alcohol use disorder, the level of marital satisfaction is often higher with a decreased chance for divorce. At the same time, children’s satisfaction decreases when both spouses drink, and their chances of being mistreated increase.

Family Lawyer in Oklahoma

If you are unsure whether you should or can seek a divorce, then consider working with an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer who can help you weigh your options. Contact the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Our lawyers can help you collect evidence and negotiate the divorce case in your favor. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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