When You May be Exempt from a Parent Education Program

When You May be Exempt from a Parent Education Program

Many legal decisions and court orders are made during the divorce process. One of these legal decisions involves figuring out whether you and your spouse should participate in a parent education program. This choice is often in favor of a parent education program for almost any kind of divorce case, but there are certain circumstances that will exempt you and your spouse from such a program. If you have questions about this or about divorce in general, be sure to talk with an Oklahoma Family Attorney.

What Are Parent Education Programs?

Parent education programs are designed to prevent or mediate potential negative outcomes of a divorce on the parents and children. These programs follow the best interest of the child standard When You May be Exempt from a Parent Education Programand teach parents the effects divorce can have on children. You will likely be considered for this program if you have a child under the age of 18. Otherwise, you will not likely be considered.

These programs vary by various factors like length, goals, and types of methods used to teach. Some may last 36 hours while others may mandate completion of 120 hours by a certain date. Certain programs may focus on conflict resolution skills, while others may teach how parental conflict affects children psychologically. Not all programs focus solely on the child’s welfare, but may also address ways to mitigate ex-spouse conflicts.

Then there are education programs that provide support for the parent’s own adjustment to certain factors of the divorce. Some examples are helping parents adjust to child custody or visitation orders. These goals are all designed to reduce conflict and stress in different ways after the divorce. Less stress and conflict means the children will be less affected.

Being Exempted from a Parent Education Program

In Oklahoma, there are certain circumstances that will lead to a parent education program exemption. These factors include divorces filed for specific reasons. The specific reasons that lead to an exemption include extreme cruelty, repeated drunkenness, at least a year of abandonment, parent imprisonment, a child abuse conviction, and when a child has been deprived of basic needs.

Insanity for at least five years or an insanity diagnosis with a poor prognosis can also lead to an exemption. Another circumstance in which an exemption can be made is when a divorce decree made by one parent outside Oklahoma that does not release the parent from their marriage obligations.

For those who do have to complete a parent education program, this must be done within 90 days after the petition is filed. Not doing so may lead to penalties.

Family Attorney in Oklahoma

Figuring out whether you will be exempt from a parent education program can help you prepare your schedule for what could happen if the court does order you to attend one of these programs. Consider hiring an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you have concerns or need guidance for your divorce trial. You can contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 today for a consultation.

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