When Do Oklahoma Family Courts Enforce Divorce Counseling?

When Do Oklahoma Family Courts Enforce Divorce Counseling?

Divorces are not easy to handle for everyone. Some people may find themselves in need of counseling and others may want their children to see a counselor because of worries about how the divorce will affect them. In some Oklahoma divorce cases, the family court will order parents and children to attend therapy for a set period of time. This can raise concerns about paying for therapy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer for help.

When Would I Have to See an Oklahoma Divorce Counselor?

A family court judge may order you, your spouse, your children, or everyone to attend mandated Oklahoma divorce counseling for a certain length of time during the divorce. This naturally makes some people feel uneasy, not only because therapy can be intimidating for some people, but also because of the costs associated with therapy.

The good news is that judges do consider whether the parents or spouse can afford therapy before making a final decision. Therapy is often mandated or suggested by the court when children are involved in an Oklahoma child custody dispute. However, therapy may also be recommended when:

  • A child is in danger of abuse or neglect
  • Psychological harm could be experienced by the child as a result of the divorce
  • Parents or children have serious anger management problems
  • Domestic violence has occurred
  • Visitation conflicts are present
  • One parent is refusing to follow court orders or is creating conflicts that are affecting the child

Not everyone wants to see a therapist, but the real challenge with refusing court-ordered therapy is that a judge may not grant a divorce until that person starts attending therapy.

Can I Seek Compensation for Oklahoma Therapy Bills?

Divorces can affect people psychologically in a lot of ways. In some cases, divorce psychological distress may require counseling. People who are divorced tend to struggle with When Do Oklahoma Family Courts Enforce Divorce Counseling?higher rates of depression, anxiety, substance use, and general distress. Not everyone can overcome these mental obstacles on their own.

Therapy can be expensive depending on a person’s income and many people going through a divorce will have other expenses to worry about like legal fees. This is why many people wonder if they can have the family court or their former spouse cover their therapy bills. In some cases, this might be possible with court-ordered alimony, but it can be hard to know for sure without talking with a lawyer first.

If your child is ordered to attend therapy during the divorce or would benefit from therapy after the divorce, then you could potentially use any child support you receive to cover your child’s therapy bills.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

You may not have to pay for everything during the divorce. Consider seeking help from an Oklahoma Family Attorney if you have questions about compensation for your therapy bills. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team can help you explore a variety of divorce options. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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