When Can I Have My Oklahoma Marriage Annulled?

When Can I Have My Oklahoma Marriage Annulled?

Whether your marriage was forced, involved fraud, or ended up being something you did not want, you might be able to skip divorce through annulment if certain conditions are met. Most people already know how tedious the Oklahoma divorce process can be, but not everyone realizes when they can avoid a divorce trial entirely. Knowing when your marriage could qualify for annulment can save you a lot of time and money. To start, consider talking to an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney who can answer your questions.

Oklahoma Grounds for Annulment

Annulment sounds like a faster process than divorce, and in many cases, annulments are faster, but this depends on what legal factors are being dealt with. For example, a divorce that When Can I Have My Oklahoma Marriage Annulled?is straightforward and simple may reach a resolution faster than an annulment that involves marriage fraud. On the other hand, an annulment that simply involves underage marriage can often be resolved faster than most divorces.

The Oklahoma grounds for annulment cannot be considered until you establish residency first. Residency means either you were married in the state of Oklahoma or one of you is already an Oklahoma resident. Grounds are reasons for annulment that include:

  • Fraudulent marriage
  • Forced marriage
  • Any spouse is under the age of 18 or mentally incompetent
  • Any spouse is also married to someone else
  • Any spouse was only divorced less than six months ago
  • Consummation has not been achieved

Fraudulent and forced marriages are often intermixed because a forced marriage can be considered fraud, but there are other types of fraudulent marriages. Any marriage that involves tricking another person into marriage is considered fraud, but so is marrying for the sole purpose of avoiding immigration laws. When one spouse has been deceived into signing a marriage contract, this is solid grounds for annulment.

Mentally incompetent means a spouse is unable to understand what the marriage is and what the marriage contract means. A failure to consummate the marriage means one spouse is refusing to have sexual intercourse after the marriage.

How to Escape Oklahoma Forced Marriages

Escaping Oklahoma forced marriages is not always easy when threats are involved. However, you do not have to handle this on your own. Talking with an experienced lawyer about your legal options may give you the chance you need. First, it is important to know what counts as a forced marriage:

  • Threats used
  • Abuse or physical force
  • No consent to marry
  • Underage marriage
  • Emotional abuse
  • Deception or coercion to marry

Forced marriages can involve children with adults or adults with adults. In either case, you have the legal options to seek an annulment, order of protection, Oklahoma legal separation, or divorce depending on your circumstances.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

Escaping a marriage without filing for divorce is something many people want. Consider working with an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you have been denied annulment or have questions about divorce. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team is ready to help you defend your legal rights.

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