What You Should Know About Oklahoma DUI Laws

What You Should Know About Oklahoma DUI Laws

While many states share the same general laws governing to driving under the influence (DUI), the specific rules and laws in each state and even each county can vary. Since laws more often than not are created in response to a continuous problem, the DUI laws in one state may be far more excessive than those in others.

What You Should Know About Oklahoma DUI LawsWith 38 percent of those found to have BACs over the legal limit involved in fatal car crashes in Oklahoma every year, the state has placed strict rules on those found in violation of these rules. But not everyone is justly accused of a DUI and the consequences of having a DUI on your record can be life-altering. If you’re facing a DUI charge in Oklahoma City, the criminal lawyers at the Putnam Law Office can help.

Oklahoma’s BAC Limit

While many other states have a legal BAC limit of 0.05 while driving, Oklahoma has a BAC limit of 0.08. BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, is typically measured in someone’s breath with a breathalyzer. If you are pulled over for a suspected DUI, a police officer will likely have you take a breathalyzer if they suspect you are drinking while driving. If you were swerving on the road or showing other suspicious driving behavior, you may be pulled over and accused of driving while intoxicated even if you weren’t

If you are charged with a DUI, the best course of action is to follow the officer’s instructions so that no other charges like assault or fleeing the scene can be made. Additionally, cooperating with the police is always in your best interest and will help your DUI attorney defend your case.

Legal Consequences of a DUI in Oklahoma

If you refuse a breathalyzer test in Oklahoma, the officer has the right to confiscate your driver’s license for a potential total duration of 6 months. If your BAC is found to be higher than 0.08 after you’ve refused the test, then your license may be taken away for up to 90 days. Even if you may have felt fine to drive and believe the test was administered incorrectly, it’s always in your best interest to cooperate until you are able to speak with your Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney.

The zero-tolerance law in Oklahoma states that you cannot drink and drive if you are under 21 years old. If you’re found to be in violation of this law, you may face legal consequences like license suspension and possible fines. The legal consequences for any kind of DUI usually include expensive fines, license suspension, and potential jail time depending on the charges.

While these charges can be devastating to anyone accused of them, they can be especially difficult for younger people who are just beginning to drive. A DUI charge can delay key milestones and be a permanent stain on your record. You don’t have to face these accusations alone.

Contact an Oklahoma DUI Lawyer

If you received heavy charges for DUI or if this is not your first DUI, consider contacting a DUI lawyer at the Putnam Law Office by calling (405)-849-9149 for consultation. We are here to work with you to get back on track for what may have been an unexpected turn of events. Mr. Putnam is a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who puts clients first and will work with you to obtain fair compensation.

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