What Tennessee Family Courts Recommend for Separated Parents

What Tennessee Family Courts Recommend for Separated Parents

Being a divorced single parent is not always easy and can come with a variety of unexpected hardships. You may have concerns about your children and whether your spouse is taking proper care of your child if they gained full custody. Under the best interests of the child standard, you may have options to intervene when you think your child is being mistreated. Family courts also have certain recommendations for child-raising for divorced parents. Consider seeking help from an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you have any questions.

Tennessee Court Recommendations for Divorced Parents 

Tennessee divorced parent recommendations are not strict rules but guidelines for parents after a divorce who have children and want things to run smoothly with minimal conflict. As you likely already know, divorces are not always easy for children, even if everything went as planned. Children can develop mixed emotions between both parents.

This is why the family courts of Tennessee have offered guidelines to help manage the divorce situation for your children. You may agree or disagree with some of these guidelines What Tennessee Family Courts Recommend for Separated Parentsdepending on your unique situation and grounds for divorce. Take them based on what you are personally going through.

One of the first guidelines is to avoid arguing with your ex-spouse during visitation hours or child custody exchanges. This only reminds your child about the situation. Other recommendations include parents not visiting their child while intoxicated and not turning the child against the other parent. If a parent is running late to visitation, the court recommends that the parent to notify the other parent as soon as possible so the child knows the parent is still coming to visit.

The court also states that children should be available at the agreed-upon times for visitation or Tennessee child custody arrangements. Failing to comply with court orders like these on multiple occasions may warrant legal actions. 

Using the Best Interests of the Child Standard to your Advantage 

You may not be able to enforce every single one of these recommended guidelines, but you do have the power as the other parent to make a complaint with the family court whenever you child has been put in harm’s way or you have a genuine argument for the child’s best interests. The Tennessee best interests of the child standard is aimed toward protecting children psychologically and physically from harm.

This means that if your ex-spouse has emotionally or physically harmed your child, then you might be able to file a complaint with the family court to modify court orders. You can also modify court orders when your ex-spouse fails to comply with child custody or vastation arrangements.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Modifying court orders for child custody or visitation can be challenging. If you encounter any obstacles, consider working with an Oklahoma Family Attorney who can help you collect documents and create a compelling argument in your defense. Contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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