What Kinds of Custody Are There in Oklahoma?

What Kinds of Custody Are There in Oklahoma?

Part of seeking a divorce is deciding who should take care of the kids afterward. There are various ways this can be done. Some include exclusive custody to one parent and others include each parent taking turns raising the children. Courts uphold the best interest of the child standard, but the factors that help determine child custody in cases of disagreement can vary from state to state. Once child custody is decided in court, however, the order itself may not be permanent. Contact an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you do not agree with the child custody arrangement.

Types of Child Custody in Oklahoma

There are four main types of child custody arrangements in Oklahoma. These can be split into two categories of legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody covers rights to any legal matters concerning the child. Since children are considered minors until they reach the age of eighteen in most states, it is up to the parents to make certain legal decisions for the child. This can include where the child goes to school, consent to certain medical treatments or therapy, and related legal matters that involve signing forms.

There is sole legal custody and joint legal custody. Sole legal custody means only one parent will have legal rights over the child while the other parent will not. Joint legal custody means both parents will share legal custody over the child.

Physical custody is exactly what it sounds like; the parent who has sole physical custody will be the parent who will raise the child. In other words, the child will live with this parent until they reach the age in which they can decide for themselves to move out. Joint physical custody is, as you expect, a child being raised by both parents. In this case, each parent will take turns raising the child on a scheduled basis. This may include visitation rights, but any of these orders can change.

Factors that Can Affect Child Custody

Child custody orders can change before or after a divorce. Orders may be decided on during the divorce trial based on which parent is better suited to raise the child. A suitable parent is defined by the courts as a person who possesses the intellectual, physical, and emotional skills necessary to raise a child in a stable and safe environment. This tends to be a universal standard applied in all states.

However, parent history will also be factored in. A parent with a history of criminal activities, abuse, or mental illness may not be deemed suitable by the court to receive custody.

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney

A child custody order can be a relief or a stressful realization. Consider hiring an experienced Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you are concerned about child custody arrangements. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. We can work with you to obtain the child custody order you are seeking and can appeal an order you are unsatisfied with. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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