What is Divorce Mediation?

What is Divorce Mediation?

Alternative dispute resolution for couples going through a divorce can be a preferred way to end a marriage without having to endure litigation in court. While alternative dispute resolution options may not be ideal for every couple and may be tried without success, where they work, there are many advantages. One method for divorce without having to go to family court is mediation.

If your marriage is not working out and divorce is the next step, having help along the way can make a stressful process go much more smoothly and help you secure the best possible outcome. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City family law attorneys at the Putnam Law Office can advise you on which methods are available to end your marriage and support you throughout the entire process. You and your spouse may decide that pursuing an alternative dispute resolution method is the right path forward. Your attorney will be able to help you with this or represent you in court.

What Mediation Does

What is Divorce MediationPerhaps collaborative divorce is out of the question, and you want to avoid family court, but you need some assistance working things out with your spouse. Mediation may be the answer to your situation.

Mediation is a situation where two parties can come together and negotiate the details of a divorce in private. Both are allowed to have legal representation during the process, and an unbiased and independent mediator will be used to keep the conversation productive and help the two people get on the same page and agree to the terms of a divorce.

Mediation may allow a couple to work all matters out or only some. When there are still issues that need to be determined for a divorce to proceed, the court will get involved. Through mediation, a divorce may be able to come to a conclusion in just weeks. 

While mediation can keep most aspects of divorce out of the court system, limitations exist when it comes to child custody. It is imperative for the courts to approve any plans a couple makes regarding child care because the best interests of the child must be protected.

Some of the benefits of being successful with alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation are the shortened length of time that the divorce process takes, along with the cost savings. Combined, these issues may also lessen the inherent stress and toll that divorce can inflict on people. In addition, your personal matters can be kept out of the courts, and therefore, you get some amount of privacy. Also, you have a greater ability to negotiate, which provides flexibility for you and your spouse.

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Mediation is an excellent means to terminate a marriage when it works. It could be possible that an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation will be the right approach for your situation.

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