What If My Ex-Spouse is Harassing Me Electronically?

What If My Ex-Spouse is Harassing Me Electronically?

Going through a long divorce can be hard enough but dealing with continued harassment afterward can be draining. The last thing you want to deal with is constant reminders of your divorce. One of the worst parts of online harassment is the lack of control and how the harassment can happen anywhere. You may have options for battling this. Reach out to an Oklahoma City family lawyer to find out more.

What Counts as Electronic Harassment?

The lines can become blurry when it comes to figuring out what counts as electronic harassment. Some people may not even realize they are being harassed. When you What If My Ex-Spouse is Harassing Me Electronically?feel like you are being harassed, it is important to know what your options are when this is impacting your well-being. Knowing your options means you must know what electronic harassment is in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma laws group electronic harassment with obscene or threatening communications done through electronic forms. This could mean by text, email, social media, online posts, pictures, and phone calls. Threats involve statements with anything related to injury or harm towards you or your property. Your ex-spouse texting you that they will damage your car is one example.

Any statements made electronically that intend to induce fear in you may also count as electronic harassment. These must also be tied to inducing fear of physical harm or death. Even collaborating with someone else or encouraging someone else to do this to you can make your ex-spouse at fault for harassment.

Intimidation and attempts to control your actions through fear or threats can also count as harassment under certain circumstances. Try contacting an Oklahoma City family lawyer to see if the messages you were sent count as harassment. A lawyer can help you start figuring out your legal options.

Ways You Can Respond to Online Harassment

There are ways you can respond to online harassment. You can ask your ex-spouse to stop but threatening them back may worsen the issue. Depending on how this plays out, legal issues may come up for you. Your legal option is to file a protective order against your ex-spouse.

To file an emergency ex parte order of protection, you must convince the judge that the harassment is immediate and distressing for you. The catch with this order is the protection only lasts until the hearing for a final protection order. A final protection order hearing is usually scheduled within 14 days.

Your final protection order can offer you benefits of:

  • Ordering your ex-spouse to stop harassing or contacting you
  • Keeping your ex-spouse from coming within a certain distance of you
  • Allowing immediate legal action if your ex-spouse continues harassing you

Family Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Facing continued online harassment can make it hard to move on after a divorce. Feel free to ask an Oklahoma divorce attorney about what legal options you have. You can call the Putnam Law Office by dialing (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today about your situation. We might be able to help you find ways to stop the harassment. Mr. Putnam is a dedicated lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who will fight to defend your legal rights.

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