What Happens If Divorce Mediation Fails?

What Happens If Divorce Mediation Fails?

There is no way to completely dissolve a marriage easily. Divorce can come with emotional ups and downs, and even when a couple is cordial with one another, there may still be points of contention as they work through the process. The best way to complete a divorce successfully is to do so in the least amount of time, as affordably as possible, and as amicably as feasible. And while a couple may have determined that their marriage is over, that does not mean they have to endure challenging and stressful litigation to come to a resolution and a formal end to their relationship.

It may be possible that alternative methods for ending a marriage may not only be preferred but also practical and achievable. Divorce mediation is an example of one way to peacefully and more smoothly end a marriage. However, mediation is not always successful for every couple. While it may be a good idea to give it a try initially, if it makes sense, mediation may not be a tool for everybody that actually works and helps a marriage come to its conclusion.

What Can You do When Divorce Mediation Does Not Work?

What Happens If Divorce Mediation FailsIf you and your spouse decide to try mediation, it may be wholly or only partly helpful, or it may not work out at all. If you are trying to work through mediation but you just cannot find enough areas of agreement and you are unable to come to terms, mediation may not be workable. 

Couples who try mediation should see what they can actually get out of it. Just because mediation is not completely managing all issues in a divorce, that does not necessarily mean that it cannot still be helpful. There could be many areas of agreement that can be determined during mediation. Then, mediation would only be just one part of your divorce journey to figure out some aspects while litigation may be necessary for the rest. 

In other instances, mediation may not be a means to solve any disputes between a divorcing couple. Here, a divorce may have to be completely ruled on in the courts and by a divorce court judge. Sometimes, avoiding divorce court is impossible.

Divorce can be difficult and there are many considerations that are important and serious to go over. Child custody and support and division of assets tend to be some of the most complicated issues to get through. Working with a divorce lawyer can help you make sound decisions and approach the process in the most effective and efficient way.

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