What Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma?

What Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma?

If a married couple decides together that their romantic relationship has run its course and come to an end, then filing for divorce may go more smoothly than when a couple is not on the same page and there is contention. An uncontested divorce happens when neither side objects and can potentially work cooperatively on issues with child custody and other things like division of assets.

If you have questions about divorce and what is needed to manage an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City divorce attorney at the Putnam Law Office can help.

How to File an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

What Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce in OklahomaIf you and your spouse are in agreement on how to separate peacefully, then you can take the administrative step of applying for a waiver of dissolution of marriage. Otherwise, if you do not agree on all aspects of your divorce, your divorce will not be considered an uncontested divorce but instead, be contested.

There are specific steps that you must take to formally file for an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma. Some of the actions you will have to take include the need for parenting classes, signing documents and having them notarized, requesting a court date, and making trips to your local county clerk’s office. And even though uncontested divorces tend to be less stressful than contested divorces and you can go through the process without professional legal representation, it is always a good idea in these situations to still have counsel on your side.

When you are divvying up your life and uncoupling from your spouse you must protect your interests and future. An attorney can be a trusted and valuable advocate for you when you go before a judge. The Oklahoma divorce lawyer at the Putnam Law Office offers extensive experience and proficiency in representing individuals that are entering into an uncontested or contested divorce.

Lawful uncontested divorces where both parties are agreeable to the terms of their marriage dissolution and are allied together on moving forward with their children’s best interests in mind can move along much more quickly than contested divorces. Once a court date has been set, the couple will be seen before a judge. Then a settlement will be made and the divorce will be official. The formerly married couple can now go on their separate ways and start living their new lives entering into the next chapter.

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Whether you are on good terms with your spouse or tension is high, the Oklahoma City divorce attorney at the Putnam Law Office can represent you and help you through every step of the divorce process. It is necessary to secure the best possible outcome when divorce is a reality. The attorney at the Putnam Law Office will work with you and provide you with the highest quality legal services to secure the ideal outcome. To schedule a free consultation with the attorney at the Putnam Law Office to discuss your divorce situation, please call (405) 849-9149. 

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