What Do Judges Consider When Awarding Alimony?

What Do Judges Consider When Awarding Alimony?

Divorces can be hard enough to deal with emotionally and financially but trying to navigate the complexity of alimony can be stressful. Family court judges in Oklahoma follow certain standards when awarding alimony. However, predicting when a judge will consider or award alimony can be difficult. Talk to an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer to see how much alimony might play a role in your divorce.

Factors that Influence Alimony

Being awarded divorce alimony can be helpful when you have high bills to pay after the divorce. In the state of Oklahoma, there are no set guidelines in the law for when to award alimony. This is left up to family law judges who not only decide when to grant alimony but also how much alimony to give each spouse.

However, there are certain factors in a divorce and marriage history that may influence a judge on an alimony decision. Some of the most common factors revolve around how a person’s finances will be directly impacted by the divorce. Judges might consider whether an ex-spouse will need alimony as financial support to adjust to troubled financial problems post-divorce.

Medical conditions like disabilities and chronic illnesses will also play a role in whether a judge grants alimony. In cases like these, alimony would be given to help cover medical expenses. This is also done when someone has a hard time finding a stable income due to their medical condition.

What Do Judges Consider When Awarding Alimony?

Part of figuring out how much alimony to award depends on how much money a former spouse can make after the divorce. Judges might also look at the standard of living that existed in the marriage to gauge how much alimony to award. Other ways of calculating alimony payments can be complicated. Consider contacting an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer for answers.

How Much Alimony Could I Receive?

In terms of how much alimony you may receive, this can be extraordinarily complicated. Several factors mentioned previously can impact this along with aspects of the division of property in a divorce. During divorces, various financial factors are divided up like debt, financial assets, and property.

Your alimony payment could be influenced by real or personal property that was owned during the marriage. This is usually made through a money judgment. The alimony money itself might be paid monthly or as a lump sum amount all at once. How property is divided and who owned certain financial assets may play a role in how all of this works.

Alimony can be helpful when you need financial assistance after a divorce. This is especially true for single parents raising multiple kids after a divorce. Meeting the basic needs of several children can be costly.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma City

Figuring out alimony payments and rights can be confusing. Reach out to an Oklahoma family lawyer if you have any questions. Call the Putnam Law Office by dialing (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. We are prepared to help you defend your divorce case if needed. Mr. Putnam is an experienced attorney in Oklahoma City, OK who is ready to address any concerns you may have.

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