What Can You Do in a Family Law Court?

What Can You Do in a Family Law Court?

Family law courts manage problems that range from divorce to domestic violence. The purpose of these courts is to resolve family conflicts that require legal assistance, like issues concerning finances or child custody. Without these courts, there would be no objective way to determine how money is divided up after divorce and who the children will live with or not live with. Family lawyers are often hired for divorce cases in which the partners disagree with each other’s demands, but family lawyers may also be needed for domestic violence cases.

Child-Related Issues

If a married couple has offspring, it is those children who are often the most affected. Children come to realize that they have little to no control over what their parents ultimately decided to do, but courts do recognize the child’s right to choose which parent to live with. However, this depends on how old the child is.

Family courtsWhat Can You Do in a Family Law Court? handle paternity for fathers, child custody orders, child support payment plans, termination of parental rights or adoptions, and juvenile cases that involve child abuse or neglect. Paternity is sought out to legally establish that the father is the biological parent of his child. This will give the father a greater chance during a divorce to maintain custody of his child.

Child custody can be temporary, exclusive, or joint custody. Temporary custody only allows the parent to keep the child during the divorce trial. Exclusive custody means only one parent will raise the child, but the other parent may be able to visit. Joint custody is when both parents take turns raising the child on a scheduled basis.

Marriage and Divorce Issues

A family court can end a marriage through a divorce verdict or annulment. These come with dividing up property ownership, debt, and money. You have the right to fight for child custody and visitation rights with the help of a family attorney. The biggest concern couples often face is what the financial aftermath of separation will bring.

Dealing with Violence

Those who have been abused by their partner can file for a protection order from the family court. Protection orders, also called restraining orders, are designed to protect people from the abuser by legal means. This means police can automatically arrest the abuser if they come within a certain distance from you. These orders also force the abuser from your home, requires the abuser to cover your court fees, and can grant you exclusive child custody.

Oklahoma Family Attorney

Do not hesitate to talk with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer if you are planning a divorce, having trouble obtaining a restraining order, or struggling with child custody arrangements. You should not have to deal with an unfair deal if the evidence is in your favor. Call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for legal assistance. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City attorney who puts clients first and will work with you to defend your rights.

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