Ways You Can Avoid Conflicts During an Oklahoma Divorce

Ways You Can Avoid Conflicts During an Oklahoma Divorce

Some conflicts are inevitable, but others can be avoided or managed in healthy ways. Emotions are often high surrounding an Oklahoma divorce and can be difficult to control at times, especially when disagreements about child custody come up. The real challenge with conflicts is they can escalate and lead to a loss of rights to various things like child custody, visitation, or alimony. Feel free to talk to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you have concerns about this.

How Do I Avoid Oklahoma Divorce Conflict with My Kids?

You have likely heard by now how divorces can negatively impact children and lead to conflicts later on. However, there are ways you can break the divorce to your kids that helps improve the situation and other ways that can significantly worsen the situation. Learning ways to avoid Oklahoma divorce conflicts with children can help you maintain healthy relationships with your kids.

One thing you want to avoid is delaying telling your kids about the divorce and keeping this a secret. If your kids happen to find out before you tell them, this could lead to resentment and Ways You Can Avoid Conflicts During an Oklahoma Divorcemixed emotions. Having open communication is likely something you have heard many times before but is essential in this type of situation. Plan a time to tell your kids and ideally, do this with your spouse.

Be cautious about how much information you share and try not to make your spouse the antagonist. This may bring up conflicts you did not know were there. Explain that the divorce is not their fault and why. Your kids may look for reasons they caused the divorce but try to redirect them away from this. End with reminding them you love them and that you will still be their parent.

Children respond to divorce in a variety of ways. Be prepared for acting out and consider counseling if you think this could help your child.

What About Oklahoma Divorce Conflict with My Spouse?

When it comes to Oklahoma divorce spouse conflict, some people feel like finding resolutions is a hopeless situation. However, divorce mediation services exist for a reason and they have been shown to help many spouses overcome their conflicts and hostility. Mediators are well-versed in helping two people see each other’s perspectives so that hidden agreements with each other can be found.

If possible, try to redirect any arguments or conflicts into a conversation. Communicating that you understand where your spouse is coming from and why your spouse is upset can often deescalate conflicts, depending on the person. When this is not an option, consider seeking Oklahoma divorce counseling or a lawyer to work out these differences legally.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

Conflicts with your children and spouse can be draining when you have to also deal with the complexities of a divorce. Consider talking to an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney if you have concerns. Contact the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Our team of lawyers can work with you to defend your parental rights. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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