Ways to Avoid Legal Issues During Your Oklahoma Divorce

Ways to Avoid Legal Issues During Your Oklahoma Divorce

Going through an Oklahoma divorce is not usually easy for anyone, especially when children are involved and both parents want full custody. This can lead to high emotions that lead to poor decisions or exaggerated accusations against the other spouse. All this does is create more resentment and legal complications for both spouses. To avoid running into legal problems during your divorce, consider talking to an Oklahoma Family Attorney for assistance.

How to Maintain Professionalism During Your Oklahoma Divorce

Maintaining professionalism during your divorce is difficult when you are frustrated, feeling resentful, or finding out that your desired outcomes for the divorce are being actively undermined. One way you can fight through this is by increasing your awareness of the Ways to Avoid Legal Issues During Your Oklahoma DivorceOklahoma psychological stages of divorce. Being aware of these stages can help you identify which one you are in, which can help you stop and think.

The first stage often involves blaming the other spouse or feeling disheartened. It can feel strange when the person you loved for so many years seems to have changed and no longer has the same feelings toward you. Part of handling this involves looking for support from loved ones to remind you of your self-worth. Try to avoid blame as much as possible because this can lead to false accusations when spouses become desperate or frustrated.

Stage two often involves mourning the loss of your spouse and feel dissatisfied. Having someone in your life and then not having that person there anymore can be stressful for some people. Others might be ready to be away from their spouse if domestic violence or severe drug abuse was involved. By stage three, many people overcome negative feelings toward themselves and they start feeling anger or resentment toward the other spouse.

Anger and resentment are dangerous because they can easily lead to false accusations and loss of parental rights.

When High Emotions Can Disrupt Your Oklahoma Divorce

Many divorce cases with resentful or angry spouses lead to false or exaggerated accusations against the other spouse. High emotions in Oklahoma divorces tend to lead to hasty decisions that turn into losing the child custody, visitation, or alimony you want. What often happens is a spouse makes an emotional outburst in court or in front of the child, therapist testimonies are brought in as a result, and that spouse loses Oklahoma child custody rights.

This is because family courts follow the Oklahoma best interests of the child standard. What this means is courts are expected to protect the child’s best interests. Any evidence that suggests a parent is emotionally unstable or at risk for any kind of abuse is something that can hurt a parent’s chances at obtaining child custody.

Family Divorce in Oklahoma

Defending yourself after an emotional outburst is not easy. Try reaching out to an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if your child custody rights are at stake. Contact the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Our lawyers can help you collect the evidence needed for your defense. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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