Types of Financial Support After Divorce in Oklahoma

Types of Financial Support After Divorce in Oklahoma

For married couples who have decided to part ways, the subsequent financial impacts that a divorce can have are one of the most common concerns. Potentially, if you are a spouse who relied on your former partner for financial support, you could be quite scared about your future and how you will manage after your marriage is officially over. When you also have children to care for, however, this can make your situation even more uncertain. You may not know if you will be able to secure some type of financial support from your ex. 

Wondering how the financials will work out is a very legitimate fear and an important aspect to be addressed during the divorce process. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City divorce attorney at the Putnam Law Office can provide more information and answers to questions about the financial implications of divorce and more.

What Type of Financial Support Exists in Oklahoma

Types of Financial Support After Divorce in OklahomaIn Oklahoma, it is possible to be awarded alimony, which is a form of spousal maintenance and support. If you share children with your former spouse, then child support may also be appropriate. Alimony generally comes in three forms, which are as follows:

Temporary: Alimony can be temporary where it has a limited amount of time that one party will be paying the other.

Distinct Period: Alimony can be for a distinct period of time with the objective of giving you the flexibility to learn an employable skillset or go to school so that you can become gainfully employed and support yourself in the future.

Permanent: Alimony can be permanent. In this situation, death or marriage could be factors that would put an end to the ongoing spousal support. There are several factors that a judge will look at when permanent alimony is being weighed and considered. How long a marriage lasted, the lifestyle that existed when married, and what each spouse contributed are examples of factors that are used to figure out how much will be awarded.

Child support in Oklahoma is another type of financial payment that may be applicable. Child support may be paid up until the child reaches 18 or 20 years of age depending on the circumstances. Essentially, each parent will have a calculation done on what they financially contribute to the children. The difference between the two calculations would be what the parent with the larger portion would pay to the other parent. 

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Divorce is not an easy or ideal thing to have to go through, even when both parties in the dissolving marriage get along and mostly see eye-to-eye. But when a marriage is not working it may be the right step to take. There are many things that will be different and change in one’s life after divorce especially if the former marriage lasted a long time. Financials are a primary adjustment to be worked out and to get used to.

For assistance through a divorce and obtaining the financial support you need, the Oklahoma divorce attorney at the Putnam Law Office can help. Call today to schedule a free consultation at (405) 849-9149. 

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