Top Financial Disagreements Divorcing Couples Have

Top Financial Disagreements Divorcing Couples Have

Tensions can become high and emotional when money is involved in any matter. For a divorcing couple, there are many things that could be a point of contention with financial disputes often at the core of disagreement and strife. There are several cases where a couple is in the position to divorce mainly because of personal finances that created an issue in the marriage.

If you are preparing to work through a divorce from your spouse, there is no avoiding the question of where assets will go and how the money will be allocated. When married, the wealth and property that is acquired together are most often considered marital property. This means that it is shared. So when a split happens and a marriage is about to be dissolved, it is necessary to determine how to divvy up the money and the valuable objects that were accumulated as a couple.

For assistance with a divorce in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City divorce attorney at the Putnam Law Office can help you resolve your issues with your ex with your best interests in mind, including those disagreements over finances.

Financial Disputes Many Divorcing Couples Experience

Top Financial Disagreements Divorcing Couples HaveGoing through a divorce does not always have to be disputatious, but with so many important aspects to iron out, there are many times when even the most congenial couple can come at odds with each other. Then, there are those couples that go into a divorce with a great amount of animosity towards each other making most decisions during the divorce difficult to come to an agreement.

Major disputes like those that could come with child custody agreements or finances can draw a divorce out and make the process longer. This is because these issues must be agreed upon and signed off on to have the divorce finally finished and closed. 

As Oklahoma is an equitable division state, separating assets is not a 50/50 split but rather what is most fair. Because of this, there can be much disagreement as to what “fair” actually means. With respect to financial objections during divorce, many of these will happen in the following scenarios:

  • Division of certain assets acquired during a marriage. This is especially an issue for the couple with high-net-worth divorces that have many high–dollar assets and collections.
  • How much alimony if any should be calculated.
  • Child support payments.

Depending on your divorce situation, the outcome of your financial situation can greatly affect the quality of your life after your divorce and your ability to provide for yourself the way you were accustomed to. For example, if you had a house that must be sold you may be able to be awarded a portion of the proceeds but that does not mean you will have the funds to buy a new home and be a homeowner once again.

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Divorce can completely upend one’s life but it can also be a fresh start. Coming to an agreeable resolution that meets your objectives and protects your interests is vital. For help with your divorce in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma divorce lawyer at the Putnam Law Office is here and prepared to assist you through every step of the process. To connect with the Putnam Law Office and schedule a free, initial consultation, you can call (405) 849-9149. 

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