The Top Factors That Affect Personal Injury Settlements in Oklahoma City

The Top Factors That Affect Personal Injury Settlements in Oklahoma City

If you were hurt in an Oklahoma car accident or another type of injury accident that was caused by negligence, then you may decide to file a claim for compensation. Depending on how your injury accident happened, you could be owed a large cash settlement for your damages. However, there are many things that are going to impact what a settlement may or may not look like when a personal injury claim is filed.

The personal injury claims process can be complicated and along the way, many things can come up that can cause delays or make the path forward more difficult. When you work with an attorney, you can have the support and professional assistance you need to navigate these obstacles successfully. The Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys at the Putnam Law Office can review your injury incident with you and help you file your claim.

Factors that Can Impact A Personal Injury Settlement

The Top Factors That Affect Personal Injury Settlements in Oklahoma CityIf you are successful with your claim, how much financial compensation you can obtain from it can vary on several factors. Some of these include the following:

  • The amount and extent of your damages. When a person is catastrophically injured they will need much more medical treatment and have many more losses than when an incident only causes minor damages.
  • Social media can impact a claim. It is critical to stay off of social media and keep any platforms you use private. Social media is one of the first places that an insurance agent will go to look for information that can derail your claim and that would allow them to justify paying you less than you need for your damages or denying your claim completely. 
  • Robust and plentiful evidence is critical to a claim that fully and fairly pays a victim for their damages. If a claim does not have enough evidence then it will be much harder to get the recompense one deserves.
  • Accepting the first offer that an insurance adjuster provides. It is normal for an insurance adjuster to try and find ways to have a claim closed rapidly and for as little money as possible. They will try to do this by quickly making an offer in the hopes that a claimant will accept it and in doing so, the claim will be closed. It is never a good idea to accept the first offer because it is normally not going to be one that comes even close to accounting for one’s full amount of damages.
  • Working with an insurance adjuster without the support and assistance of an experienced attorney. When you are navigating the Oklahoma claims process, having an attorney communicating with the insurance adjuster on your behalf and managing the process can help you improve your chances of securing the most compensation possible from your claim.

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Taking action and filing a personal injury claim is the means by which a victim of an injury accident may be able to recover compensation for their damages. It is imperative that recovery is fair and fully encompasses all losses suffered. An attorney can help with this.

For more information and assistance with your personal injury claim, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation with an Oklahoma personal injury attorney at the Putnam Law Office at (405) 849-9149.

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