The Role of Damages in Personal Injury Cases: What Can You Recover?

The Role of Damages in Personal Injury Cases: What Can You Recover?

Victims of personal injury events can suffer several losses. To recoup those losses, an individual will typically file a personal injury claim, which is a civil action. Civil actions are unlike criminal cases in that a civil action seeks financial compensation as opposed to a criminal punishment such as jail time. In a personal injury claim, the losses are known as “damages.”

If you or a loved one were hurt by the careless and reckless actions of another party, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover all of the damages you sustained. Due to the complexity of legal disputes and the limited amount of time to file, it can be helpful to have the assistance of an attorney. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys at the Putnam Law Office are experienced and seasoned legal professionals that have a history of success helping personal injury victims secure the full amount of compensation they deserve to cover all of their damages.

What Damages Can Be Included in a Personal Injury Claim?

The Role of Damages in Personal Injury Cases: What Can You RecoverBecause each personal injury event will be different, the types of damages and the extent of losses that a victim suffered will vary. Typically though, personal injury claims will usually include the following damages:

Medical Expenses

Physical bodily harm will also come with some amount of medical examination and treatment. Treatment can include surgeries, physical therapy, medications, medical assistive equipment, and more. Additionally, the cost to attend all appointments and follow-ups can be calculated.

Property Damages

Personal property that was destroyed or broken in a personal injury event can be accounted for as well. For instance, in a car accident, one of the largest property damage costs usually comes from the wreckage of the automobile. Property damages can pay for property repairs or replacement.

Missed Wages

If injuries are so severe that a person is unable to go back to work, the time that they are away can result in missed wages. This income can be included in a personal injury claim.

Pain and Suffering

As a non-economic damage that is a little harder to show, is pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are the agony, distress, and physical pain that a victim had to endure as a result of their injury event. These feelings can be valued and used as a damage in a claim.

Punitive Damages

Although rare, in some situations where a personal injury event was so outrageous and appalling, punitive damages may be added to an award. Basically, punitive damages are meant to both send a message to others about engaging in such behavior as well as penalize the individual for their atrocious actions. An example would be a drunk driver who causes an accident that results in a victim becoming disabled or losing their life. This scenario may call for punitive damages.

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Assessing all of one’s damages and correctly valuing a claim so that victims can get fairly compensated for the entirety of their losses is critical. A knowledgeable attorney at the Putnam Law Office can help with this. Do not delay, call today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney at (405) 849-9149.

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