The Reason Co-Parenting is Important After Divorce

The Reason Co-Parenting is Important After Divorce

Everyone has the idea that divorce is not always easy for children. Divorce is not easy on anyone involved, but children can be particularly sensitive to the outcomes of parental separation. This depends on how old the child is, but parents tend to make up a good portion of their child’s world. Parents are the ones who decide which school to take them to, what movies to watch, and what discipline to use. Having a healthy co-parenting relationship can compensate for potential negative effects on the children after a divorce. 

If you have questions about your divorce case or want to change a court order regarding your children, talk to an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer to see what steps you need to take.  

How Divorce Affects Children 

For young children, their parents being together serves as a sense of security and protection for them. The beginning of a divorce symbolizes a potential loss of that kind of security because the child does not know who they will end up living with or whether they will ever see the other parent again.  

Some children will blame themselves for the divorce, something more common in older children. They might feel like the pressure of raising them is what caused their parents to feel the need to separate. This The Reason Co-Parenting is Important After Divorcecan cause the children to feel slightly depressed and guilty about the divorce. 

To counteract these negative effects, talk openly with your children about why you are seeking a divorce. Unless the information would be developmentally inappropriate for the child’s age or understanding, there is little need to hide the truth from your kids. Being honest about everything can help maintain trust and will let your kids know the divorce is not their fault.  

Let them know in advance about what type of child custody arrangement could happen. This can help them mentally prepare for the changes that will happen after the divorce is finalized.  

Why Co-Parenting Can Help 

Co-parenting is a way to manage possible negative effects on children after a divorce has been completed and child custody arrangements have been made. Some courts will mandate both parents to attend co-parenting education programs, while other courts will leave this as optional.  

The goals of co-parenting are to help the children feel secure, safe, and to maintain healthy relationships between all family members involved. One of the main ways co-parenting operates is by not involving the children in conflicts between you and your ex-spouse. This serves to not remind your child of the divorce and helps them move on from leftover negative feelings.

Consistency is another important aspect to uphold. Maintaining consistency between you and your ex-spouse’s disciplinary and scheduling styles can help the children feel less confused. Jumping from one discipline style to another, for example, can be stressful for the child.  

Family Attorney in Oklahoma 

Going through a divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. Talk to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you have questions about visitation rights or child custody orders. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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