The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

There are several behaviors and actions that victims of personal injury events have to be aware of so that they can protect their claim and have it render the most compensation possible for their damages. While a victim cannot control the actions of others, they do have the power to manage their own conduct. And, when the goal of a personal injury claim is to obtain the full amount of compensation from it, a victim would do best not to self-sabotage. 

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Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media During a Personal Injury CaseInsurance adjusters are going to conduct their own investigations into any claims made against the insurance company they work for. Their objective is to dig up evidence and information that is harmful to a claimant. The reason for this is if they can find detrimental information, then they can use this to negotiate for offering the lowest amount of compensation or just denying claims and not paying anything. 

As a result, claimants can do a couple of things to protect themselves. One is understanding what they should and shouldn’t do with their social media accounts.

DO stop or limit the use of all social media accounts.

A place where insurance adjusters will look within their investigation will be all of your social media. Social media can provide a great array of information that can hurt you but help the insurance company. So, during the personal injury claims process, it is advisable to stay off of your social media accounts or, if you must, only use them sparingly and with caution.

Don’t Discuss Your Injuries or Your Accident

It is important to gather information about your personal injury event like witness statements, diagnoses and medical notes from a doctor, or pictures, but these things should be kept under wraps and only used for your claim. If you are using social media while you have an active claim, refrain from discussing your case publicly.

Do Inform Your Loved Ones About Responsible Social Media Use

You cannot stop your loved ones from using their social media, but you can kindly inform them about how to use their platforms in a way that doesn’t harm your claim. For instance, asking them not to talk about your accident or post anything about you, or include you until your claim is over, is critical.

Call a Lawyer at  Putnam Law

An attorney can advise you on the best practices for building a strong claim that secures the most compensation, including how to handle social media.

Staying off of social media or being incredibly vigilant about how you use your social media can be challenging, but it is still essential. Just one mistake on social media can be the difference between securing full compensation or very little.

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