The Custody Decree Process

The Custody Decree Process

Child custody decrees in Oklahoma are orders that determine who the child will be raised by after a divorce. Child custody can mean that only one parent raises the child, both parents take turns raising the child, or one parent raises the child while the other parent visits. If there are multiple children, the custody decree may have one parent raise one child and the other parent raise the other child.

There is a legal process that involves filing documents, attending a hearing, and submitting a custody decree. Talk to an Oklahoma family lawyer if you are concerned about your child custody rights.

Pre-Hearing Steps

There are three types of child custody decrees, depending on the situation with your former partner. A default custody decree is filed by you if your spouse did not file paperwork for the divorce within 21 days to the court. In most cases, this means that what you want will be granted by the custody degree. This will require you to attend a hearing with a judge.

The Custody Decree ProcessThe second type of child custody decree means that you and your spouse agree on what you want to happen with your children after the divorce. This type of decree does not require a hearing because there is no conflict of interest. All you and your spouse need to do is sign the form together. A Request for Summary Disposition and Affidavit in Support will need to be filed to let the judge know that you will not need to schedule a hearing.

The last type of custody decree available involves a trial or hearing. For these, a judge will determine the custody arrangement with a signature. For all types of custody decrees, you will need to file different forms to the court, but Custody Decrees need to be directly sent to the judge by mail or online.

Child Custody Hearing

Hearings are often mandatory for a default custody decree. A judge will examine your case by asking questions. The best interests of the children will also be considered in terms of living arrangements, where the parents live, and what the parents do. Child custody decisions will be finalized by the judge.

How to Change a Custody Decree

If you are dissatisfied with the way your child custody orders turned out, it is not too late to change a custody decree. You can change certain orders for where your child lives and who your child lives with. First, file a petition to the court to change the parent plan. Then, prepare to provide proof at an adequate cause hearing for why the change is necessary.

Oklahoma Divorce Attorney

There are times when you may feel that your child custody arrangement was an unfair deal. Consider consulting with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer if this has happened to you or if you are concerned about the divorce decree process. Contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for consultation. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who puts clients first and will fight for your rights.

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