Penalties for Missing Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

Penalties for Missing Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

When a couple splits up and they have children, they will have to deal with the issue of child custody and support. In Oklahoma, the law states that how these situations work out is always with the best interests of the children in mind. As such, it is a consideration for the child’s welfare, and not the parent’s preference that will be critical in determining such arrangements.

When you are the parent that is deemed to have to pay child support, keeping up on your payments and abiding by the court’s order is essential. Should you miss payments, not only can this impact your children and your ability to keep a cordial relationship with your ex, but there are severe legal penalties that this could have for your life. 

You may have a legitimate reason for missing payments or being late, and if so, it is best to take proactive action when you are struggling to keep up financially. There may be options to help you with your situation that will ultimately keep you from having to face the penalties the state of Oklahoma can enforce upon you. For more information on what to do if you are unable to pay child support in Oklahoma, please call the Oklahoma City family law attorney at the Putnam Law Office.

What Will Happen if You Do Not Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

Penalties for Missing Child Support Payments in OklahomaThe courts make child support determinations and these orders are not to be taken lightly. When a parent that is ordered to pay support fails to do so they can suffer serious negative legal implications including:

  • Money from their paycheck may be withheld from them until their late or missing payments are made current. Additionally, if you are receiving government benefits or you are waiting for a tax refund, this money is up for grabs too by the state. Any money you have coming to you from work or from the government could be affected if you do not pay.
  • There are also professional implications of non-payment of child support. Your driver’s license could be suspended making it very hard to get to and from work or around to accomplish other daily tasks. If you have a professional license this too can be taken from you and suspended meaning you will be unable to work in your industry and at your job.
  • You may have to spend time behind bars if you do not pay your court-ordered child support.

Speak with an Oklahoma City Family Law Attorney Today

The consequences for non-payment when it comes to child support are strict and harsh. This is why it is essential to keep up-to-date on your payments. Though, if you need help because you are falling behind and are unable to pay due to certain circumstances, remedies may be available to help you. You may be able to have your child support order modified, for example. 

It is best in these situations to act quickly when you are struggling to make child support payments so you can avoid punishments like license suspension and jail time. For more information and for help, please call the Putnam Law Office today to schedule a free consultation at (405) 849-9149. 

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