Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim Statute of Limitations

Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim Statute of Limitations

Civil suits can be filed in a variety of situations. When negligence exists and others are harmed and sustain damages because of it, filing a civil suit, like a personal injury suit, is likely the right approach to obtain compensation for losses. Common examples where these civil suits are used include car accidents, slip, and fall incidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and more.

Residents that live in Oklahoma who are injured by the actions of a reckless party may be wondering if their case is one that would benefit from filing a claim. If you were harmed by another in an Oklahoma car accident or another injury incident, you can have a lawyer evaluate your situation and provide you guidance on your legal options. The Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys at Putnam Law can help you when you have questions about the personal injury claims process or would like to know if a claim makes sense for your unique situation.

How Long Does a Victim have to File an Injury Claim for Compensation in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim Statute of LimitationsWhen a victim decides to file a personal injury claim in Oklahoma, there is only a limited amount of time to do so. This timeframe is considered the statute of limitations. Each state has its own guidelines for filing civil suits. The Oklahoma statute of limitations is two years from the date that the injury incident took place. This is true for the majority of cases. 

When the civil suit is against the government, though, the statute of limitations is shortened. In these situations, a claimant only has one year from the date of the incident to file their claim. So, while two years is not a lot of time, one year is even less. This means that if you believe you do have a claim, it is important that you take your case to an attorney as soon as possible to have it evaluated and to get the personal injury claims process started. 

It is incredibly important to file your claim within the established statute of limitations. Failure to do so means that a court is likely going to be unwilling to allow you to present your case. In other words, you will lose your ability to recover financial compensation for your damages.

The Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Putnam Law can advise you on how the system works and what is necessary to get the most compensation possible from a claim. This includes how long you have to file your claim. 

Speak with an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney Today

Whether you were injured in an accident and would like to file a personal injury claim for compensation or you lost a loved one in a fatal event, the Oklahoma civil litigation attorneys at Putnam Law are here for you and can help. To schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your claim, please call Putnam Law Office at (405) 849-9149. 

A personal injury claim is a legal action meant to make you whole again. To ensure you do not miss your chance to file a claim, call Putnam Law today.

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