Oklahoma City Personal Injury FAQs

Being involved in an accident of any type can be terrifying. Many victims have a lot of questions regarding what they should do moving forward. If you are considering whether you should file a personal injury claim with a law firm, this guide can help you find answers to some of the most common questions.

General Personal Injury Claim Questions

There are various questions people will have about lawsuits, regardless of the type of accident in which they were involved. These can include the following:

Personal injury cases are legal claims that are filed by victims who were injured in accidents as a result of someone else’s negligence. In order for a victim to prevail when filing a claim for a personal injury, they must be able to prove that negligence existed at the time of the accident.

For example, if a car crash caused your injuries, you must be able to show that the other driver was speeding, distracted, or engaged in another action that was reckless or negligent.

After proving negligence, you must be able to prove that you suffered damages as a result of the negligent act. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you build the strongest case possible to get justice. A personal injury lawsuit will allow you to seek compensation to cover various damages you face after your accident.

Victims who are harmed in accidents due to someone else’s negligence are able to recover compensation for various damages by filing a personal injury claim. Some of the damages that are commonly provided to victims include compensation for:

  • The costs of medical treatment you require immediately after your accident
  • Lost wages for the time you had to take off to undergo medical treatment for your injuries
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Long-term medical expenses for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and more
  • Vehicle repair costs for car accident victims
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress loss
  • Loss of consortium
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurements

In some cases, victims are able to recover punitive damages for their lawsuits. However, recovering these damages for a personal injury case depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident and whether the defendant acted with gross disregard to human life while committing negligent acts.

Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers will build the strongest case possible with ample evidence that we will use to demand compensation on your behalf to cover the damages you face.

Our lawyers at Putnam Law Offices have extensive experience helping victims pursue legal action following various types of accidents. Some of the cases our Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys handle include:

  • Construction accident claims
  • Car accident cases
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Negligent medical treatment (medical malpractice)
  • Truck accident claims
  • Slip and fall accidents

If you have been harmed in any of these or another type of serious accident, it is crucial that you have a strong Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer by your side.

Our personal injury attorneys can meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your accident and determine what legal options are available for you. Our Oklahoma City law firm will help you to determine the cause of your accident, identify one or multiple parties who are liable for your injuries and damages, and hold them to account.

It is extremely common for an insurance company to approach accident victims. Some insurance adjusters will make settlement offers to victims that are only a fraction of the amount it takes to cover the resulting damages. If you are approached by an insurance company, you should immediately refer them to your personal injury attorneys.

Your legal team will advocate on your behalf to ensure you are able to get the compensation you rightfully deserve after being harmed. Before providing an insurance company with a recorded statement, it is best that you seek the guidance of experienced trial attorneys who can help guide you throughout the legal process.

Most personal injury cases include evidence from a variety of sources. In general, our personal injury attorneys will make sure your case has pictures of the scene of the accident as well as photographs of your injuries.

Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers will gather records of medical care that you received as well as future care you require after enduring a serious injury. We will gather witness testimony that shows what occurred at the time of the accident and collect reports from police officers who responded to the call.

Furthermore, our legal team will demonstrate the extent of economic damages and non-economic damages you suffered as a result of your accident. We will further provide how the defendant is strictly liable for your injuries and damages and that they should be held to account.

If gross negligence was a factor during your accident, our attorneys will speak with experts who can help prove that the actions were unreasonable and that the court should award punitive damages.

Questions about the Legal Process

Victims often ask questions regarding what they can expect through the duration of their personal injury case while working with a law firm. These questions include:

Under Oklahoma law, most personal injury cases must be filed within two years from the date of the accident. However, children who are harmed are required to file a legal claim within one year of reaching the age of 18.

Actions that are taken against the state of Oklahoma or its subdivisions must be filed within one year of the date of the accident. This statute of limitation is the same for both adult claimants and children.

There is no way to determine how long most personal injury cases will take. Each personal injury lawsuit is very different from the next. In general, a personal injury claim can take several months to several years depending on various factors.

Cases surrounding medical malpractice instances and legal action taken against government agencies can take several years for victims to obtain a favorable verdict and receive fair compensation for their claim. A personal injury law firm can help you get a better idea of what to expect throughout the duration of your claim by scheduling a free consultation.

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled without ever having to go to trial. However, there is always a chance that you may have to go to court if we are unable to come to a reasonable settlement agreement with the defendant. Working with a personal injury attorney will better position you to aggressively negotiate a full and fair settlement amount for your claim.

Unfortunately, you will have to make the payments you incur for medical care out-of-pocket while you are waiting for your lawsuit to go through. There are instances where medical insurance coverage will be used to alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses that you require as an accident victim.

Your health insurance company may provide you with coverage for your injuries while you are waiting for your settlement to come through.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

There are various benefits you should take into consideration while determining if you want to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Here are some of the ways a lawyer can aid you throughout your personal injury claims process.

Working with an Oklahoma City law firm following your accident can help to ensure you are in the best position possible to recover the maximum compensation for your claim.

A skilled personal injury attorney will use their extensive knowledge surrounding personal injury law to ensure you have the strongest case possible to prove fault and help you collect compensation for your claim.

Victims who retain the assistance of a qualified attorney at Putnam Law Offices are never charged a dime upfront. Our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys take each personal injury claim on a contingency fee basis. We provide our clients with a free initial consultation where we will discuss payment arrangements for their cases.

In general, our law firm will collect payments for personal injury cases only after a favorable verdict is reached. When the claimant receives compensation for their claim, our lawyers will retain an agreed-upon percentage of the reward to cover fees and services.

An insurance adjuster may reach out to you for a recorded statement regarding what took place. Insurance companies often try to trick victims into taking some fault for the accident so they do not have to fully compensate victims. For this reason, we urge caution when it comes to speaking with insurance companies following an accident. Instead, refer the insurance company to the law firm that is handling your case.

Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers are committed to protecting the legal rights and best interests of our clients. A skilled personal injury attorney from Putnam Law Office will handle all communication with the insurance company of the at-fault party to ensure your injury claim is not compromised.

About Wrongful Death Claims

If your loved one has died as a result of their injuries, you can still seek the assistance of a law firm in Oklahoma City to take legal action against the negligent party. A personal injury attorney can help you pursue a claim for your loved one’s loss of life.

When victims lose their lives in accidents, there are various parties who are able to pursue legal action to recover appropriate compensation that they can use to cover various damages they face. Parties who are afforded legal recourse after experiencing the loss of a loved one include:

  • The personal representative of the estate
  • The surviving spouse
  • The next of kin

Personal injury law firms can help to determine if you are able to pursue a legal claim after losing a loved one.

When a victim suffers a serious injury in an accident, they are often able to file an injury claim against the negligent party to recover compensation for various damages they face. If the victim passed away as a result of their injuries, the ability to file a claim for a personal injury settlement and other death benefits is passed on to an entitled party.

By reaching out to an Oklahoma personal injury attorney, you can schedule a free consultation with our team to discuss your case and the legal options available for you to get justice for your loved one.

Entitled parties who file wrongful death claims are able to recover compensation for the economic and non-economic damages listed above. Additionally, these lawsuits can help you recover compensation for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • burial fees
  • Lost earning capacity
  • The loss of inheritance
  • The loss of companionship
  • Loss of parental guidance

Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers at Putnam Law Offices have extensive experience helping victims get the justice they deserve and the maximum compensation possible after being harmed in accidents.

Contact an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer today by calling (405) 849-9149 to see how we can help you. Our law firm can meet with you for a free consultation at your earliest convenience to discuss your case and the legal options available for you.