My Ex-Spouse Broke My Restraining Order

My Ex-Spouse Broke My Restraining Order

Dealing with domestic violence or stalking after a divorce can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to deal with next is your ex-spouse violating your restraining order. This can make you feel like nothing is working. However, there are several legal actions you can take after a divorce in Oklahoma, specifically, to end the harassment. Talk to an Oklahoma family attorney to learn more about ways you can take legal action.

What Can a Family Law Judge Enforce?

Each state has different enforcements a family law judge can make with a restraining or protective order. Oklahoma allows judges, to a certain degree, to enforce other restrictions that are needed to increase your safety. These restraining order restrictions may involve:

  • Ceasing the abuse if you have been attacked or physically abused
  • Ordering no contact with you at all in-person or electronically
  • Making your ex-spouse stay away from you and where you live
  • Removing guns from your ex-spouse
  • Revoking visitation rights of your ex-spouse with your children

My Ex-Spouse Broke My Restraining OrderAn Oklahoma judge can also order your ex-spouse to start attending therapy if the orders continue to be violated. Therapy in this case would specialize in domestic abuse. If this treatment involves you attending therapy, the judge can order your ex-spouse to cover your therapy bills.

While all of these things can be beneficial to you when they are followed, they are not always followed. Some ex-spouses decide to not listen to the judge and do what they want to anyway. If this is happening to you, consider calling the police or contacting an Oklahoma family lawyer to explore your options.

Options if Your Ex-Spouse Violates the Restraining Order

Some of your Oklahoma restraining order options include modifying the restraining order, having the orders enforced, and taking legal action. You might be able to modify your restraining order to a final restraining order. What a final restraining order can do is:

  • Order your ex-spouse to have a GPS that monitors their location
  • Make sure your ex-spouse does not do anything to make you feel afraid of harm
  • Enforce immediate legal consequences when this order is broken

When a typical restraining order is broken, you can call the police and have them enforce the order. The police will likely show up and tell your ex-spouse to leave. With a final restraining order, the police can charge your ex-spouse with a misdemeanor and:

  • Charge a fine of $1,000 or one year of jail
  • Charge up to $10,000 in fines or three years in jail for a second violation

If your ex-spouse injures you when a final restraining order is in place, police can order a $5,000 fine or a year in jail.

Family Attorney in Oklahoma

Finding out your restraining order did not go through is frustrating. Consider asking an Oklahoma divorce lawyer for help if you were not able to obtain or modify a restraining order. All you have to do is contact the Putnam Law Office by dialing (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our dedicated team of lawyers might be able to help you enforce the restraining order you need. Mr. Putnam is an experienced lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who is dedicated to his clients.

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