Most Common Pitfalls in Oklahoma Divorces

Most Common Pitfalls in Oklahoma Divorces

Divorces can be challenging enough, but the last thing you want is to fall into an unexpected pitfall. People can face a variety of pitfalls during an Oklahoma divorce that range from emotional pitfalls to financial ones. Once you fall in, escaping can be quite difficult depending on your resources. Avoiding these types of mistakes can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Consider seeking help from an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you have found yourself in this kind of situation.

Oklahoma Divorce Pitfalls to Avoid

Many Oklahoma divorce pitfalls revolve around poor financial planning, but others involve giving into decisions that could harm your future and the outcomes of your divorce. People tend to fall into financial problems when they rush into things like decisions on alimony, child support, or legal fees. You can avoid this yourself by taking each decision one step at a time:

  • Estimate legal fees before accumulating them up and make an alternative plan if the fees exceed your budget
  • Talk with your lawyer or a legal expert about how taxes may affect alimony payments
  • Review each settlement proposal on a case-by-case basis instead of agreeing to all term right away
  • Hire a lawyer when the division of property proposal appears unfair to your financial situation

When it comes to pitfalls around hasty divorce decisions, be cautious about advice from family and friends. Avoid common mistakes by consulting with your divorce lawyer before Most Common Pitfalls in Oklahoma Divorcesmaking a final decision on things like Oklahoma child custody agreements, visitation schedules, and other divorce conflicts. Never agree to conditions set by your spouse outside of the family court, a lawyer, or professional mediation services. This can backfire later since agreements like this are not enforceable by the court.

Discrediting mediation as a waste of time and avoiding any attempts at negotiating with your spouse can be a huge financial mistake. Coming to an agreement without taking your divorce to trial not only saves you time but also saves you a significant amount of money in legal fees. Mediation services are often cheaper, but similarly effective to divorce trials.

Financial Pitfalls in Oklahoma Divorces

When you are about to divorce, the best thing you do for yourself is to plan ahead of time to avoid Oklahoma divorce financial pitfalls. These can ruin your ability to support yourself in the long run. Always have some kind of financial plan for the aftermath of a divorce.

Do this by estimating all the costs of divorce and subtracting this total from the income and financial assets you expect to have after the divorce. A lawyer can help you with this process to make sure all the calculations are accurate. If you may not have enough money, start saving and budgeting now.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Divorce pitfalls can be overwhelming. Do not hesitate to hire an Oklahoma Family Attorney who can help you explore all your options. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team can work with you to achieve the divorce outcomes you desire. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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