Legal Help For Personal Injuries in Oklahoma

Legal Help For Personal Injuries in Oklahoma

Personal injuries can range from broken bones to more serious injuries like head trauma or paralysis from spine injuries. The causes of personal injuries in Oklahoma often involve automobile crashes, medical malpractice, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall cases. If the injuries sustained from the accident were caused by the negligent behavior of another individual, then you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney at the Putnam Law Office.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Causes

A person is deemed negligent if they cause an accident because they were distracted, speeding, running a red light, disobeying the laws, or behaving in ways that placed others at risk. Medical malpractice can also be included in Oklahoma personal injury cases and occur when the negligent behavior of a medical professional results in harm to the patient. These actions can involve prescribing the wrong dose of medicine, surgical mistakes, or failing to put in the focus and care needed to correctly diagnose an illness.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Claims

Legal Help For Personal Injuries in OklahomaAfter an auto accident or medical malpractice in Oklahoma, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can, especially if you believe that negligence played a role in the event. The more evidence you have including police reports, witness information, and medical records the greater chance you have at securing a thorough and valuable amount of compensation. Photos of your injuries can be extremely valuable, and by collecting contact information from any witnesses, you can further defend your claim. The qualified Oklahoma attorneys at Putnam Law are here to help when you need it and protect your rights to compensation. 

When to Hire an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney

When involved in a car accident, you’re typically advised to file a claim through your auto insurance company to receive compensation for any medical expenses that resulted from your injuries. However, some insurance companies may not offer an adequate amount of money to cover all of your costs and others may delay, postpone, or entirely reject your claim. In these instances, it may be in your best interest to seek legal help. Insurance companies often have a team of lawyers themselves and your own attorney can ensure your rights are defended.

The personal injury lawyers at the Putnam Law Office are trained to specialize in injury cases. We can consult with you about your case to determine what kind of personal injury claim you have, file legal complaints, organize legal documents and collect evidence from the accident, and will represent you in court if necessary.

Some personal injury cases in Oklahoma are finalized early on by reaching a settlement or filing a motion, which avoids the need to go to trial and saves time as trials may last several months. If the case goes to trial, our lawyers will represent you in court and work every day to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Find Personal Injury Legal Help in Oklahoma

If you or someone you know has experienced a similar situation, consider contacting an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer at the Putnam Law Office by calling (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Located in Oklahoma City, OK, the Putnam Law Office puts its clients first, and we will work alongside you to obtain the compensation you deserve.


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