Legal Help For Oklahoma Sexual Harassment

Legal Help For Oklahoma Sexual Harassment

At least one-quarter of women have experienced workplace sexual harassment and a third of charges filed involved harassment of some sort. Sexual harassment comes in many forms and effects citizens all across Oklahoma. When operating or working at an Oklahoma business, it important to be aware of what constitutes sexual harassment including the steps you can take to find legal help if you have been sexually harassed.

Types of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination as it involves harassing individuals based on their sex, and is illegal in Legal Help For Oklahoma Sexual HarassmentOklahoma. Serious cases of sexual harassment may include physical sexual actions towards an individual or verbal remarks that are sexual in nature. Other forms of sexual harassment include unwelcome sexual advances and asking for sexual favors, but even offensive remarks about an individual’s sex can be considered harassment.

However, not every unpleasant act is covered under workplace sexual harassment. For example, teasing and offhand comments may not warrant a charge of sexual harassment. These acts are only considered harassment if the verbal remarks are frequent or severe enough to cause significant negative effects like a hostile work atmosphere that hinders employee productivity or results in someone being fired or demoted.

Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Oklahoma

Some of the negative psychological effects of sexual harassment on the victim can include anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping. An individual’s finances may also be affected. If the perpetrator holds seniority, then the victim may take sick days to avoid any possibility of future sexual harassment at work which may lead to decreased income later on or even losing the job.

The employer may be legally liable for any damages sustained by the victim of workplace sexual harassment, especially if the harassment was committed by a supervisor. If the employer did not take adequate precautions to prevent such harassment from occurring, then that employer may be charged with negligence. In these cases, the employer could be required to compensate the victim if the employee suffered wage losses or other costs, both emotional and financial, as a result.

Why Hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Seeking legal help for these types of situations may not seem necessary if the harassment was minor or just a one-time thing, but you should never be exposed to that sort of behavior. Sexual harassment should not occur in any professional work setting. Cases of Oklahoma sexual harassment not only cause psychological harm but potentially monetary harm as well and can leave victims with emotional scars that take decades to heal. You deserve fair legal representation any time your psychological or monetary well-being is threatened, and an experienced Oklahoma sexual harassment attorney can help.

Oklahoma Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, consider contacting the sexual harassment lawyers of the Putnam Law Office by calling (405)-849-9149. You do not have to face the psychological struggles of dealing with sexual harassment alone. We are here to help you get justice. Brian Putnam is an Oklahoma City lawyer who puts his clients first and will work with you to defend your rights.


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