How Your Children May React to Your Oklahoma Divorce

How Your Children May React to Your Oklahoma Divorce

Divorces are something most people dread, especially children, depending on the circumstances. Some children may look forward to the divorce when domestic violence and abuse are high while other children may dread being separated from either parent. This is not an easy transition for anyone, but since everyone is different, each child may react in a different way. Certain reactions could potentially affect the outcome of your Oklahoma divorce. Talk to an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney to learn more.

Ways Children React to an Oklahoma Divorce

Different children react differently to divorces depending on their age, the context of the divorce, and their overall personality. Coping with an Oklahoma divorce with children is something that cannot be avoided and can be addressed by the parents to the children. By keeping communication open and being honest with your child, you reduce the chances of alienating them from the situation.

Preschool children tend to act out when their parents separate and may experience nightmares, sleeping problems, and eating problems. Children who are in elementary school How Your Children May React to Your Oklahoma Divorcemay react by asking a lot of questions about the divorce to try to understand why their parents are splitting up. They sometimes show their distress with problems at school, withdrawing from their parents, and showing anger.

Teenagers in middle school and high school often try to reunite their parents or go the opposite route by engaging in risky behaviors like drugs and unhealthy sexual behaviors. Depression may develop along with anxiety. An adolescent may take the side of one parent while blaming the other.

Knowing about these different reactions can help you realize that these responses in your child are expected. This can help you better prepare for what conflict could come up during the divorce. It is important to note that a child’s reaction may impact Oklahoma child custody decisions.

How Can I Best Prepare My Child for an Oklahoma Divorce?

While you cannot control other people’s reactions, you can find ways to manage them in healthy ways to help your child better prepare for the upcoming divorce. Oklahoma divorce mental preparation starts with maintaining open communication with your children. You may not want to or need to disclose every detail of the divorce, but it is important to give your children an idea of why the divorce is happening, so they do not blame themselves.

As soon as you know for sure, try to explain to your children who they might be living with, what the arrangements will be, and whether visitation hours will happen. The sooner you tell your child, the more time your child has to adapt. Always explain and remind your children that you love them.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Handling the variety of reactions your child may experience can be stressful. Try talking with an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you are worried about how this could impact the outcomes of your divorce. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team can help you work towards the child custody and visitation you desire. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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