How Parenting Time Affects Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

How Parenting Time Affects Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

It is the responsibility of both parents, regardless of their standing with each other, to take care of their children, and this includes their financial care. When a separation of parents takes place, child support will be necessary. How much each parent must contribute financially will vary based on a number of factors as Oklahoma has specific guidelines dictating how child support is calculated.

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Parenting Time and How It Impacts Child Custody Payments

How Parenting Time Affects Child Support Payments in OklahomaUnder Oklahoma marriage and family statutes, the obligor is the legal term for the parent paying the child support. The parent who receives the support payments is legally-termed the obligee. There is no set determination on which parent will be the obligor or the obligee as each of the parents could be subject to the court. The court will look to use the state’s guidelines for determining child support when they identify the party who will pay, as well as how much must be paid.

A court will examine the income of the parents and also various expenses based on that income level to come to a child support payment amount. Some of the expenses that are considered include housing, transportation, clothing, and food, for example.

In the majority of situations, only one parent pays the other parent child support. Parenting time is a major factor in figuring out how this will happen. Typically, the parent with primary custody of the child or children will assume the role of the obligee, and the other parent will be the one responsible for paying child support as the obligor.

In cases where the established obligor has more than 120 overnight stays annually, then it is presumed that the amount of financial support given to the child is much more than the obligee. As a result, the extra number of nights over 120 overnight visits will impact how much child support the obligor will have to pay. Essentially, if a parent who is the obligor has more time with the child than the standard time-sharing guidelines, then they will be able to pay less in child support payments to the other parent.

When both parents have custody or are living in a split custody situation, then calculations of child support will be made for each parent. Then, the parent that is found to have the higher amount will simply pay the difference between the two amounts to the parent that was deemed to have a smaller payment.

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