How Much Does Adoption Cost?

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

If you are thinking about adoption as a single parent, after marriage, or after a divorce, then you might be wondering how much adoption costs. Adoption is not cheap but varies in expense by the type of adoption you choose. There are several steps that need to happen before an adoption is finalized. These steps are what can make adoption expensive. Talk to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you have any questions about this or find yourself stuck. 

Different Types of Adoption

There are four main types of adoption that come with different rates of payment. These include private agency adoption, foster care adoption, independent adoption, and intercountry adoption. Private agency adoption does not involve any government agencies and happens with a private group. These agencies usually pick adoptive families on the basis of information profiles. However, How Much Does Adoption Cost?private agency adoptions vary widely in expense and can go up high depending on where you go.

Adoption from a foster care facility may involve more steps. You can locate foster care children who are seeking homes by contacting the Oklahoma public child welfare agency. They will be able to guide you to the right foster care home and can help answer any questions you may have. Overall, foster care adoption is considered less expensive. 

Independent adoptions involve lawyers who help families adopt a child from parents who are expecting to have a baby. A lawyer can also help you find families who are looking to give their child up for adoption. Intercountry adoption means the adoption of a child who lives in another country and can be expensive depending on the country and foreign travel costs. This type of adoption comes with a few risks like not knowing as many details about the child, such as overall health. 

How Much Do I Pay for Adoption?

The amount of money you could end up paying for adoption depends on the type of adoption you choose. Be sure to ask about common rates for the adoption agency you choose. Do your research ahead of time to know what you are getting into and if you are unsure, consider contacting a lawyer. 

In general, costs of adoption can vary from $2,000 to $50,000 total. These costs are not just for the adoption itself, but for all the other steps the adoption agency has to make like home studies, mailing documents, marketing of their services, birth mother expenses, travel costs, and more. 

Foster care is one of the cheapest forms of adoption with a price as low as $2,000. Intercountry adoption is often the highest because of international travel expenses. You may be trying to adopt a child for the first time, but you may also be a family member who is trying to adopt a child through custody after a divorce. 

Family Lawyer in Oklahoma

Deciding which adoption mode to go through, whether you can afford this, and dealing with any obstacles in your way can be frustrating. You can reach out to an Oklahoma Family Attorney if you are experiencing challenges with adoption. Contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. 

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