How Long Will My Divorce Take in Oklahoma?

How Long Will My Divorce Take in Oklahoma?

Many people wonder how long their divorce will take. The answer is complicated because the length of the divorce depends on so many factors. Almost anything from child support to disagreements on the conditions of the divorce can slow down the divorce. Reach out to an Oklahoma City family lawyer who can help you speed up the divorce process.

How Long Do Divorces Take?

When you have multiple responsibilities competing for your attention simultaneously, knowing how long the divorce will take becomes important. In the state of Oklahoma, the general length of divorce is about 10 to 90 days. The number of days you have to wait depends on your circumstances.

Without children, a divorce could be finalized within 10 days. However, this may only apply if there are no disagreements concerning the conditions of the divorce. Divorces involving children who are under the age of consent can take 90 days. Courts require a 90-day waiting period in most cases, but this could be waived depending on the situation.

The amount of time it takes for your spouse to respond to the initial divorce petition may affect this timeline. Spouses have 20 days to respond to the first divorce petition. Documents must be exchanged within 30 days after the spouse responds to the petition.How Long Will My Divorce Take in Oklahoma?

Divorces that end up going to trial may extend the length of the divorce. In Oklahoma, divorce trials do not occur before a jury, but rather, a judge. This can take shorter or longer depending on several factors. Try contacting an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer if you have concerns about the length of your divorce. A lawyer might be able to speed up the process and handle some of the time-consuming tasks for you.

What Could Slow Down the Divorce?

Several factors can slow down the divorce process. If children are involved, then child support, child visitation, child custody, and alimony can all slow down the divorce. What slows down divorces, whether children are involved or not, are disagreements between spouses.

Disagreements over child arrangements, grounds for divorce, property and debt division, and alimony can all slow down the divorce process. When disagreements are not settled by other means, the divorce will go to trial. Additional disagreements and complexities in the case make divorce trials longer.

A history of criminal behavior, child abuse, or mental health problems can also make divorces involving children lengthier. This is because judges will have to investigate the best interests of the child when deciding custody and visitation. Additional steps may become involved like child custody evaluations, guardian ad litem assessments, investigations of both parents, and cross-examinations.

Working with a lawyer can help you prepare for these obstacles. The more you prepare, the less time the divorce could take.

Family Attorney in Oklahoma City

Dealing with a lengthy divorce can seem to take up all your time. Consider working with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer who can take on many of the divorce tasks for you. Start by calling the Putnam Law Office by dialing (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Mr. Putnam is an experienced attorney in Oklahoma City, OK who might be able to help you obtain the divorce outcomes you want.

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