How Do I Prove Child Neglect in an Oklahoma Divorce?

How Do I Prove Child Neglect in an Oklahoma Divorce?

Finding out your child was neglected by your ex-spouse while you were away or when you were busy during the Oklahoma divorce trial can be hopelessly frustrating. The person you thought you could trust has failed to care for your child in ways that may have led to your child not being fed, protected, or cleaned. While the situation may feel helpless at first, there are ways you can work with the family court to remove your child from this situation. Consider talking to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you want to gain custody of your child.

Look for Signs of Oklahoma Child Neglect

Before you can go about proving that your child has been neglected by your ex-spouse, you will want to look for signs of child neglect. Suspicion alone can be enough to make a report, but the family court may ask for additional evidence to support your claims. How Do I Prove Child Neglect in an Oklahoma Divorce?This might involve additional processes like an investigation, interviews, and child custody evaluations.

If you have suspicions about your ex-spouse, then look for the following signs of neglect in your child like poor hygiene almost every time you see your child, significant weight loss, unusual fatigue, and major personality changes. Neglected children often behave in strange ways, may use drugs to cope depending on their age, and can look depressed. Visual signs of neglect include a dirty appearance with their clothes, teeth, body, and hair.

When your child is really young and says your ex-spouse is never home or has engaged in inappropriate behaviors, then you might be dealing with neglect. You can also look for signs in your ex-spouse like:

  • Little to no concern for your child
  • Excuse making when you bring up concerns about your child
  • Complains about the child in unusual ways
  • Blames the child for the neglect

How to Revoke Oklahoma Parental Rights

Since Oklahoma family courts operate under the Oklahoma best interests of the child standard, you have a chance to revoke your ex-spouse’s parental rights when you suspect neglect. When it comes to parental rights, you will need to file a termination of parental rights case with the family court. Talk with a lawyer about what information you will need to provide.

Child services may become involved. Try to work with them as best you can. Not doing so could raise suspicions about you, something that may prevent you from obtaining Oklahoma child custody. Be prepared to answer questions and present evidence pertaining to the neglect. Working with a lawyer can often make this process less stressful.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Being denied custody of your child despite evidence of neglect can be infuriating when you know your child is at risk of future harm. Feel free to ask an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer about your legal options. All you have to do is contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. You might be able to gain full custody of your child with the right evidence. Mr. Putnam is an attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who is dedicated to his clients.

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