Four Court Orders That Come with Every Oklahoma Divorce

Four Court Orders That Come with Every Oklahoma Divorce

Nearly every Oklahoma divorce case comes with four main court orders that serve as temporary injunctions until a final divorce decree is reached. What these do is preserve evidence, protect minors, and protect both spouses from the actions of either spouse during the often hectic and stressful divorce process. If you have any questions about this, feel free to talk with an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer.

Four Court Orders for Every Oklahoma Divorce

The four court orders filed with almost every divorce are called temporary injunctions. Oklahoma temporary injunctions fulfill the purpose of preventing either spouse from altering the results of the divorce by destroying or concealing evidence and removing resources from the other spouse. This is done to protect the spouses and children, if any, from potential harm. What this also does is ensure the divorce trial is fair.

These four temporary injunctions are temporary because they will end once the divorce process ends, that is, when a final divorce decree is signed by the judge. The first temporary Four Court Orders That Come with Every Oklahoma Divorceinjunction prohibits both spouses from spending marital assets, destroying marital property, or using up marital property. This will protect you and your spouse’s financial assets and property from the marriage.

The second injunction stops spouses from harassing each other, the third from changing insurance policies, and the fourth from transporting or moving your children away from a specific area designated by the court. What this could mean is you will not be allowed to move your children into another home or to another city until the divorce is completed. This ensures the Oklahoma best interests of the child standard is upheld.

If you have electronics in the home, the court will also prohibit any destruction of electronic evidence, like on a computer or phone.

Are There Any Other Oklahoma Injunction Restrictions?

Within and around these main injunctions, there are additional Oklahoma temporary injunction restrictions. These other restrictions may depend on your specific circumstances like whether you have children or debts. When real estate and debts are involved, the court will prohibit you and your spouse from hiding, transferring, or disposing of these assets.

Divorces with children come with restrictions on traveling with the children to certain places, making parenting arrangements, and influencing the children on which parent to live with. Spouses are also not allowed to say negative things about the other spouse in front of the children. There are exceptions to the travel restriction. You might be able to take your child on a trip if you submit written consent from your spouse, a court order allows this, or you provide details of the trip to your spouse.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

If you are struggling with all the details and tasks of your divorce, be sure to call an Oklahoma Family Attorney for guidance. Contact the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team can run through your case to see what evidence you need to support your desired outcomes. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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