Elements of a Good Witness in a Child Custody Case

Elements of a Good Witness in a Child Custody Case

Much emotion can be involved when child custody is a matter of attention and part of a legal dispute between divorcing or divorced parents. Loving parents want the most time with their children, and if they have animosity towards each other, it can be quite challenging to define an agreeable parenting time plan together. Each side wants their ideal outcome to take place, and to improve the chances of that happening; it is imperative to have ample evidence that supports one’s position.

Determining child custody in Oklahoma is best done with the help of an experienced Oklahoma family law attorney. At Putnam Law, our attorneys are dedicated to helping parents secure the most favorable results. The best interest of the children is a high standard that must be assessed for their wellbeing and safety. Whether you believe your spouse will be reckless when they have custody of your child, or you think that you deserve a different custody arrangement for any reason, you can count on the Oklahoma City child custody attorneys at Putnam Law to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

What Makes a Good Witness in a Child Custody Case?

Elements of a Good Witness in a Child Custody CaseWhen you think about what witnesses will help your side of the argument for a specific custody arrangement, the quality and impartiality of the people you choose matter. Specifically, using a witness that does not have anything to gain or lose personally from the outcome of a case is best. Also, these individuals must not only be able to provide flimsy second-hand accounts of situations. They should have first-hand, intimate knowledge of your situation and everyone involved.

Any hearsay will not count when it comes to solid witness testimony. You must keep this in mind when developing your witness list. If you believe that a witness will work well in your favor with factual, personal information, but are unsure if you are correct, then calling your attorney to discuss is a wise move. The reason is that if a witness is not providing personal knowledge of a situation, whatever they may say is not going to be admitted as evidence.

So, elements of a good witness for child custody and support are:

  • Impartial party
  • First-hand personal insights
  • Ideally do not have a criminal history
  • Have hands-on experience with your children or family

Some examples of witnesses that could make a difference in your custody case include:

  • Your child’s school teacher
  • A religious leader familiar with your family
  • Counselors that have worked with your family or your child
  • Medical professionals that have treated your family or your child
  • Law enforcement officials who may have been involved in specific situations
  • Social workers who may have handled cases with your family or your child

This is not an exhaustive list, but it does indicate what makes a believable and persuasive witness profile that could be advantageous for your case.

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Child custody cases can be complex for all parties, including the children. Finding the best possible solution that benefits the children is imperative. Sometimes, though, it may be best for one parent to have more control and oversight over the children than the other. 

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