Do You Still Pay Child Support if You Don’t Have Custody in Oklahoma?

Do You Still Pay Child Support if You Don’t Have Custody in Oklahoma?

When a couple decides to part ways and children are involved, the separation becomes a lot more complicated. Oklahoma family law shows that the courts always consider what is in a child’s best interests when working out issues related to custody and financial support. If a judge orders one parent to pay child support they are required to make these payments. While it can be possible to make adjustments to court-ordered child support, there is no option to just disregard the agreement and refuse to abide by the payment plan.

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What Happens if a Parent Does Not Pay Court-Ordered Child Support?

Do You Have to Pay Child Support if You Do Not Have Custody of Your Child in OklahomaChild support plays an important role in providing necessary financial support to help children thrive and maintain their quality of life. When a couple separates, they both still have an obligation to their children.

The issue of financial support being paid by one parent to another can be a contentious one. This may be especially true if the parent ordered to pay the support does not have custody of their children. They may feel like without custody, they shouldn’t have to pay, but the exact opposite is true. When a court order is made that tells one parent that they are responsible for paying the other some amount of support, this is a legally binding agreement. Failure to pay can result in penalties including time behind bars.

A non-paying parent could face jail time for up to 90 days. Additionally, continued refusal to make the required payments could land the non-paying parent in even more trouble. Here, jail time could be extended to four years behind bars alongside a $5,000 fine.

There are ways that the Oklahoma court and Oklahoma Child Support Services can take action to secure support payments from a non-complying parent. Income tax payments can be seized, income can be withheld, driver’s license suspensions may be enforced, and more can be done to obtain the money owed to the custodial parent, and to motivate the non-paying parent to submit to the child support order.

In summation, when a child support order is put in place it must be followed. Failure to do so will result in financial penalties and time spent in jail. 

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It is not easy raising a child alone, and it is certainly not cheap. Both parents have a duty to care for their children emotionally and financially. While enforcing physical and emotional support by a parent to their child is not feasible, ensuring financial support is. 

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