Do I Have Parental Rights After My Child is Removed?

Do I Have Parental Rights After My Child is Removed?

Biological parents have certain parental rights unless those rights are removed under certain circumstances. Divorce, child custody, child removal from the home, and other factors can lead to parental rights termination. Many parents wonder if they still have parental rights if their child is removed from the home. You can also talk to an Oklahoma City divorce attorney about restoring parental rights.

Parental Rights After a Child is Removed

Whether the child was removed from the home because of a divorce or abuse, parents often wonder if they still have rights. In Oklahoma, legal parents retain certain parental rights after their child is removed from the home. One of the most important rights is knowing where your child will be taken.

The state is required to inform parents where the child will be placed and updates on progress. These progress updates may include details on how your child is doing in terms of behavior, education, and overall development. When problems arise, parents with parental rights should be able to find out about them.

There are other parental rights you may have over your child despite your child no longer living in the home. These parental rights include things like consent to medical treatments, visitation with your child, and decisions. As long as your child is under the age of consent, you would retain the ability to make decisions about your child’s education and health.Do I Have Parental Rights After My Child is Removed?

You should also have due process rights, depending on the circumstances. Due process rights allow parents to attend court hearings and appeal court decisions. This may involve appealing decisions of placement, child removal, and parental rights. Try contacting an Oklahoma City family lawyer to learn more.

When Can Parental Rights Be Terminated?

In some cases, parental rights can be terminated. When it comes to terminated parental rights, this means the parent loses the ability to consent for the child, make decisions, and visit the child. This may also mean losing the ability to be updated on the child’s location and progress, depending on the situation.

The grounds for immediately terminating parental rights range from child abuse to parents who become severely ill. Prolonged mental illness that prevents the parent from safely caring for the child is one example. Parents who abandon their children may also lose parental rights. This includes a failure to support the child.

Substance abuse and dependence may also lead to a loss of parental rights. This may depend on the severity of the substance abuse. Any parent who could cause harm to the child could lose their parental right to help raise the child. Much of this follows the best interests of the child standard.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma City

You may not have to give up if your parental rights were taken away. Talking about what happened with an Oklahoma family attorney might open up the possibility of legal options. All you have to do is call the Putnam Law Office today by dialing (405)-849-9149 for a consultation about your situation. Mr. Putnam is a dedicated lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who can help you navigate through your current legal situation.

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