Costs and Benefits of Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

Costs and Benefits of Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

Most people want to avoid Oklahoma divorce trials at all costs, especially now that things have become more complicated with the coronavirus. Mediation is one way to potentially avoid a divorce trial and has many benefits by comparison. However, mediation also comes with some risks and costs that you may want to consider before making a decision. Talk to an Oklahoma Family Attorney to learn more about your divorce options.

What Are the Benefits of Oklahoma Divorce Mediation?

There are several benefits of Oklahoma divorce mediation that can help you avoid the stress of a lengthy divorce case. Mediation is for spouses seeking a divorce who are able to legally be in the same room as one another and who both agree to attempt to sort out their Costs and Benefits of Oklahoma Divorce Mediationdifferences through mediation. In some cases of domestic violence, the spouses might not have mediation as an option depending on the severity of the violence.

The main benefit of an Oklahoma mediation compared to a divorce trial is the cost. Divorce mediation is far cheaper than a divorce trial with all the legal fees involved. The process of divorce mediation also takes significantly less time than divorce trials which can last several months. If you chose a skilled mediator, you will also find the overall process less stressful.

Skilled mediators know how to break past any apprehension or conflict between you and your spouse. What this does is help both of you reach a level of compromise rather than anger towards each other. Mediators often do this by letting each person tell their side without interruption and using techniques to make both sides feel understood. The mediation process itself changes the focus from the past to the future so spouses do not feel as attacked and can work together to form goals they can agree on.

Potential Costs of Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

With almost every situation where there are benefits, there are often a few Oklahoma divorce mediation costs. For one, mediation may not go as planned and you could find yourself being alienated by your spouse. Arguments can happen during mediation between spouses, no matter how well trained your mediator is. In some cases, an agreement cannot be reached through mediation and you will have to explore other options.

You could have a lawyer step in and negotiate on your behalf or the situation might have to go to trial, even after all the time you may feel you wasted in mediation. Mediation is not free either and going through this might make you feel more stressed in the end because you not only feel like you wasted time but money too. The real challenge is that no one can predict what will happen.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

If you feel like mediation is not working to your benefit, then consider contacting an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer for assistance. All you have to do is call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Our lawyers can help you figure out what evidence you need and steps you can take to attain your desired outcomes for the divorce. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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