Considerations for Co-Parenting Teens

Considerations for Co-Parenting Teens

No child wants their parents to divorce, but staying together only for the children when a relationship is toxic may not be the best thing for anyone. Sometimes, divorce can make a home environment much more healthy for children than living in a situation where two feuding parents are unable to co-exist with each other under the same roof. When divorce is imminent, and there are children involved, determining the best co-parenting situation is going to be a priority.

If you are going through a divorce in Oklahoma, consulting with an attorney can be highly advantageous. Divorce can be emotional and stressful, and you may not be able to think clearly as everything moves forward. It is essential that you are able to protect yourself and your children in the midst of a divorce, and an experienced legal professional can be a strategic partner to assist you with just that.

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Co-parenting Teens Vs. Younger Children

Considerations for Co-Parenting TeensTypically, younger children will need to be under the caring eye of an adult. As a result, they spend much more time with their parents. They also tend to rely heavily on their parents each day and night to function and survive. This can make young children more dependent on their parents, so when a divorce happens, little ones can have a very difficult time figuring out what is happening and coping with their parent’s separation. Determining how to co-parent is especially important with young ones due to the relationship they have with each parent. As a result, it can be a little more complicated to choose the best child custody arrangement.

By contrast, co-parenting teenagers has the potential to be a little more straightforward and less complex. That is not to say that teens will not be affected by the divorce of their parents, but due to their age and life circumstances, they may be able to handle things better. 

For example, teens tend to be much less dependent on parents as they might enjoy spending time with their friends more so than family. Teens can also be heavily involved in many activities or be employed, which also takes up sizeable portions of their time. Furthermore, when you add in the school day, teens are not with their parents each day nearly as much as younger children. All of these things can make it a bit less stressful figuring out a proper child custody arrangement, and a teen may just want to have their say in how custody is handled.

Speak with an Attorney at the Putnam Law Office

Children, no matter what their age, can find it extremely challenging to deal with the real-life situation of divorcing parents. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, as each family is different. Teens may present a less perplexing dilemma in figuring out custody arrangements than would exist with younger children.

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