Common Signs of Bad Co-Parenting

Common Signs of Bad Co-Parenting

After a divorce, children often wonder if the separation was their fault. Depending on their age, some children can become guilty while others feel distant. There may be hope with family counseling, but healthy co-parenting can also repair damaged family relationships after a divorce. There are various ways healthy co-parenting can be used to benefit the child, but bad co-parenting can worsen the situation. Talk to an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney if you have questions related to your divorce like child custody. 

How Co-Parenting Affects the Children

Good co-parenting skills are often the key to fostering healthy relationships between children and parents after a sudden change like divorce. Not only does healthy co-parenting help with a child’s emotional health, but this practice also helps with cognitive and behavioral development. Common Signs of Bad Co-ParentingProblems in development from bad co-parenting can spill into the child’s life when they reach adulthood. 

Bad co-parenting can involve bringing the child into divorce conflicts, ignoring the child, inconsistent discipline, constantly arguing in front of the child, or abuse. Seeing their parents argue and display hatred towards each other does not model what a healthy relationship looks like to the child. This can lead the child to grow up not knowing what healthy relationships are. Some children in these circumstances can find themselves engaging in similar unhealthy relationships once they reach adulthood. 

To avoid bad co-parenting and the potential for your child to develop depression or anxiety, there are certain rules of thumb you and your spouse can go by. First, avoid conflicts in front of your children if possible. Maintain a consistent disciplinary style between you and your former partner. If you suspect your spouse is abusing your child or allowing abuse to happen, talk to the police or a lawyer about changing child custody orders. Certain damage in childhood can be difficult to reverse. 

Signs of Child Abuse

To save your child from abuse, you first need to recognize common signs of child abuse. Drastic changes in the child’s behavior, attitude, or performance in school are often red flags of an underlying problem. Abuse can make a child shut down and display similar symptoms to depression or anxiety. Many abused children will become withdrawn and passive. However, some children may react differently by starting fights in school to gain back the power they lost during the abuse.

Physical signs like unexplained bruises or other injuries are common. Look at how your child and former spouse interact. If your child shows fear or complete avoidance of your ex-spouse, this may be a sign. Abusive parents rarely show genuine concern for the child and will make excuses for red flags of abuse. 

Family Law Attorney in Oklahoma

Trying to figure out how to protect your child from future abuse from your ex-spouse can be difficult if you are experiencing obstacles to finding evidence. Talk to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer if you are in this kind of situation. A lawyer may be able to help you find the evidence you need to remove your child from a dangerous situation. Call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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