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How Divorce and Legal Separation are Different in Oklahoma

How Divorce and Legal Separation are Different in Oklahoma

If a marriage is not working out and the parties in that union decide to reassess their relationship, either a divorce or legal separation may follow. However, there is often confusion about these two terms and what they actually mean. For an Oklahoma divorce, there are residency requirements. One must live in the state for at least six months and reside in a county where they are going to file for divorce for a minimum of 30 days. Legal [...]

How Parenting Time Affects Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

How Parenting Time Affects Child Support Payments in Oklahoma

It is the responsibility of both parents, regardless of their standing with each other, to take care of their children, and this includes their financial care. When a separation of parents takes place, child support will be necessary. How much each parent must contribute financially will vary based on a number of factors as Oklahoma has specific guidelines dictating how child support is calculated. If you have a question about child custody and support in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City family [...]

Oklahoma Wrongful Death Claim Statute of Limitations

Oklahoma Wrongful Death Claim Statute of Limitations

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is never easy. It can be shocking and devastating when you are surprised with the news that someone you care for deeply has lost their life. This situation can become even more emotional and painful when the loss of life was something that did not have to happen and could have been avoided. Such is the situation for many wrongful death cases. It is natural in a wrongful death situation to feel angry and want [...]

Do Children Get a Say in Oklahoma Custody Hearings

Do Children Get a Say in Oklahoma Custody Hearings?

When a romantic relationship or a marriage falls apart and children are involved, the stakes are high with respect to doing the right thing that is in the children’s best interest. And while each parent may want to have the most time with their children and be awarded primary or even sole custody, the courts are going to look at the entirety of the demise of a relationship and take many factors into account for determining what happens to [...]

Can Your Personal Injury Claim be Dismissed

Can Your Personal Injury Claim be Dismissed?

Filing a civil suit like a personal injury lawsuit for financial recompense in the state of Oklahoma is your right in most situations. Due to the state’s fault system, only those individuals who are less than 51% responsible for causing their personal injury event are going to be able to file a claim for compensation. If an individual is 51% or more accountable, then they lose their right under state law to recover a financial award for losses. For those [...]

Is Property Division Equal in Oklahoma

Is Property Division Equal in Oklahoma?

If you are going through a divorce with your spouse, one of the most common points of contention is property division. The way that the courts will look at property division in a divorce varies by state. People typically think that what they have will just be split down the line with each party walking away with an equal distribution of what was accumulated over the life of the marriage. But this is not always the case. In fact, [...]

Are Personal Injury Lawyers in Oklahoma Expensive

Are Personal Injury Lawyers in Oklahoma Expensive?

There is often the misconception that only the wealthy can afford legal counsel to help them fight legal disputes. In criminal situations, when a person cannot afford to hire an attorney they will be assigned one by the state to handle their case that they do not have to pay for. In personal injury cases, many lawyers work on contingency. This means that they will not collect compensation unless they win your case and get you the settlement you [...]

Bird Nesting Divorce Plans The Good and The Bad

Bird Nesting Divorce Plans: The Good and The Bad

If you have gone through a divorce with children, it is likely that one of your biggest priorities was the health and wellbeing of your children. Divorce can be greatly disruptive to a family and for children to cope with. Keeping things as normal as possible can help the transition. This is where there are various methods to allow both parents to be able to continue to be a part of their children’s lives. Because there is not a [...]

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents are widespread and a major problem across the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 90 people every single day that will die in a car accident in the United States. Large states with robust populations like California and Florida are states that report the most car accidents annually. This is because there are more cars on the road which makes the probability of having a crash much higher than in [...]

What Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

What Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma?

If a married couple decides together that their romantic relationship has run its course and come to an end, then filing for divorce may go more smoothly than when a couple is not on the same page and there is contention. An uncontested divorce happens when neither side objects and can potentially work cooperatively on issues with child custody and other things like division of assets. If you have questions about divorce and what is needed to manage an uncontested [...]