Can Your Spouse Deny You a Divorce in Oklahoma?

Can Your Spouse Deny You a Divorce in Oklahoma?

Not every divorce is amicable. Both sides are not always in agreement that the union has run its course and should come to an end. It happens often, one spouse would like to dissolve a marriage for one reason or another, but the other spouse will not comply. An uncooperative spouse can make for a really big headache in what is likely an already distressing life situation. 

If you want a divorce but your spouse does not, there are certain things that you can do to leave a marriage you are unhappy in. Here, meeting with a divorce attorney can be helpful. An attorney can discuss your situation with you and provide you with the guidance you need to figure out the best path forward.

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How to Handle a Spouse That Does Not Want a Divorce

Can Your Spouse Deny You a Divorce in OklahomaIf one partner wants out of a marriage, but the other partner will not grant a divorce, it is likely that the marriage is less than a happy one. Though, there could be many reasons that even in situations where a marriage is not ideal, that one party would not agree to end it. Religious objection to divorce, the stigma of being a divorcee, anger, or fear are all possibilities. 

It is best in these situations to have a respectful and sincere conversation about the state of your marriage with your partner and try to understand where they are coming from. There has to be a reason why your partner refuses to move forward with a divorce, and understanding their position can be helpful. Just as important as trying to learn why your spouse does not want to divorce is to explain your reasoning for asking for it.

You may be able to rationally and graciously come to an understanding and continue on together with a divorce. Though it could also be that you are unable to see eye-to-eye, and in that situation, if you file for a divorce on your own, then it will be considered contested. A contested divorce can still accomplish the task of ending a marriage, but getting to that end may be more costly and longer than an uncontested divorce.

It is always important to remember that there are other options outside of divorce that may provide you and your spouse more clarity on your marriage and its future. For example, a legal separation is a softer way to live separately without terminating your marriage. The separation will give you and your spouse time to see what it is like not to live together. That may result in you having a change of heart and wanting to try and save your marriage, or it could show your spouse why a divorce may be the right course of action.

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