Can You Seek Divorce for Irreconcilable Differences in Oklahoma?

Can You Seek Divorce for Irreconcilable Differences in Oklahoma?

In some Oklahoma divorce cases, no spouse was at fault for the divorce, but either one or both spouses want to end the marriage for other reasons. This is when many states use the irreconcilable difference grounds for divorce as the legal reason the couple is seeking a divorce. However, irreconcilable differences are not listed as a ground for divorce in Oklahoma. Instead, Oklahoma lists incompatibility as one of the 12 grounds for divorce. Feel free to talk to an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you have any questions about what this means.

What Do Irreconcilable Differences Mean in Oklahoma?

Irreconcilable differences are labeled differently in Oklahoma. Amongst the 12 grounds for divorce, the Oklahoma incompatibility grounds for divorce is the one that comes closest to the grounds for irreconcilable differences for divorce in other states. What Can You Seek Divorce for Irreconcilable Differences in Oklahoma?incompatibility means is the married couple is no longer compatible with each other, whether this is because of reoccurring conflicts, major differences, or financial problems.

Incompatibility can also mean you are having problems with infidelity, poor communication, and intimacy challenges. What you need to do if this is the grounds for divorce for your case is list out any of these examples that apply to your marriage situation. If you have had communication problems, then add this to your list. Be sure to include as many aspects of your marital problems as you can. The more you have, the better chances you have for a successful divorce.

If you encounter any challenges when it comes to proving your grounds for divorce, feel free to reach out to an Oklahoma lawyer who can help. A lawyer will be able to help you collect the evidence needed to support your grounds for divorce and any other issues like child custody or alimony.

Steps for Seeking an Oklahoma Divorce Involving Incompatibility

Steps for proving Oklahoma incompatibility not only involve listing out your marital problems and finding evidence for certain types of marital problems like infidelity but also involves meeting certain requirements. The main requirement is that you and your spouse need to agree on these incompatibility issues. Otherwise, you may either need to seek mediation services, engage in lawyer negotiations, or find different grounds for divorce.

Since the incompatibility grounds for divorce are categorized under no-fault divorce, you and your spouse will also need to come to an agreement on things like division of property, child support, child custody, division of debts, court fee responsibilities, and visitation hours. Not agreeing on any single one of these is not the end of the world. You can seek help with reaching an agreement through Oklahoma mediation services, a lawyer, or by talking it out with your spouse.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, then try talking with an Oklahoma Family Attorney for guidance. You can call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Our legal team will work with you in negotiations, collecting evidence, and building a strong divorce case in your favor. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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