Can Oklahoma Child Support Ever Be Terminated?

Can Oklahoma Child Support Ever Be Terminated?

Life after an Oklahoma divorce may not always be stable for you whether this is with your job, house, or physical health. Financial disasters can happen at almost any time, but so can tragedies like death. Not everyone realizes how many changes in circumstances surrounding the child can lead to a termination of child support. Being aware of this can better prepare you for child support ending if you are receiving child support. Talk to an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer to learn more.

Will Oklahoma Child Support Stop When My Child Ages Out?

One of the most common ways Oklahoma child support ends is when a child turns 18, but this might not always happen. Child support payments may still be required if your child is still in high school when they are 18 years old. What this could mean for you is paying child support up until your child turns 20, depending on how long your child remains in high school.

That being said, the cutoff age for paying child support in Oklahoma is 20 years old. At the same time, whenever your child graduates from high school, child support payments are expected to end. You should no longer be held responsible for paying child support once this point has been reached. Talk to a lawyer if you are still having to pay child support despite these changes.

When Can Oklahoma Child Support Be Terminated?

There are several other reasons child support can end in Oklahoma other than your child aging out. Severe life circumstances are commonly used as grounds to terminate child support. When it comes to terminating Oklahoma child support, you will likely be asked to provide evidence of your grounds for termination. This will vary depending on your termination reasons.

Other reasons child support can be terminated include the child:

  • Passing away
  • Being deported
  • Becoming legally married
  • Joining the military
  • Being emancipated
  • Being adopted by a new parent

Child support may also end if you remarry your ex-spouse to whom you had been paying child support before. You can also request child support to end if you have legitimate reasons Can Oklahoma Child Support Ever Be Terminated?for this. Talking with a lawyer about your legal options for ending child support can be helpful.

If you cannot end your child support but find yourself struggling to make the payments, you might be able to modify how much you are ordered to pay each month. If you lost your job, for example, talk to a lawyer about ways you can have your child support temporarily reduced until you find new work. A lawyer can help you write your request for child support modification. Feel free to also talk to a lawyer about similar issues regarding Oklahoma child custody orders.

Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma

Figuring out your options for child support can be confusing and often frustrating at times. Consider talking to an Oklahoma Family Attorney about what you can do in your situation. You can call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. We might be able to help you obtain the child support decisions you want. Mr. Putnam is a lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who is dedicated to his clients.

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