Can I Modify Child Support While Incarcerated in Oklahoma?

Can I Modify Child Support While Incarcerated in Oklahoma?

After being sent to prison, many people think they are unaffected by factors outside the prison system like child support. However, the reality is that you may still have to pay child support while you are in prison. If you do not have the funds to afford child support while in prison, then you could owe a massive debt by the time you are released. This makes taking control of child support and defending your rights in this situation vital for your future. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney to see what options you have. 

Can I Be Ordered To Pay Child Support While Incarcerated?

Can I Modify Child Support While Incarcerated in Oklahoma?Some people are incarcerated while they are married and others are incarcerated during a time when no child support orders were put in place. This does not mean you cannot be ordered to start paying child support after you have already been incarcerated. An  Oklahoma child support case can be opened by your spouse or former spouse while you are in prison and if you do not take action, you could lose some of your fundamental rights to protect your finances.

The first sign of being sued for child support is receiving legal papers from Child Support Services (CSS), an organization that manages child support orders. Your options are ignoring the letter and risk paying for child support you may not owe. You can also choose to respond to the CSS papers with your own letter. Your response letter should explain your current situation and why you cannot currently afford the payments. If you have doubts that you are the father, that needs to be brought to the court’s attention as well. Consulting with a lawyer regarding child support can be vital for making sure your rights are protected.

The scary thing is that the CSS letter may be sent to someone else at your prior address and if that person signs for the letter, then it shows that you have accepted service and therefore are expected to respond or show up to the court hearing. If you do not respond in writing or show up to the hearing, then the court will be able to make legal decisions without you and enter a default judgment against you. This completely excludes you from the legal process.

How Can I Modify a Child Support Order While Incarcerated?

You may already have been served with court orders for child support and are wondering if your change in circumstances regarding incarceration allows you to modify these orders. The good news is that you do have the ability to request a modification of your child support order while imprisoned. 

In order to request a modification, you will need to send a written request or letter to the court detailing your significant change in circumstances. This change could be losing your job, going to prison, or other factors that affect your financial assets. Talk to one of our Oklahoma divorce lawyers to explore your options regarding how to proceed with your case.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Protecting your rights while in prison can be difficult due to the limits of your current situation. Consider reaching out to an Oklahoma Family Law attorney for guidance. You should not have to let your rights be taken away just because you are incarcerated. Call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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